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Frequently Asked Questions
We have listed below responses to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) we receive from consumers. Feel free to Contact us regarding questions or comments on topics not covered below.

Product and Assembly Info
Q: Where do I address questions regarding my new Sterilite storage cabinet(s)?
A: If you have any questions regarding assembly of your cabinet please see the instructions below. 
0140 - 2 Shelf Cabinet 
0142 - 4 Shelf Cabinet 

For further questions please access the Contact Us section of the website or call the number provided on the Cabinet Assembly Instructions. Please provide us with the item number from the carton or bottom of the cabinet, the name of the part outlined with the Assembly Instructions, reason for request, street address, and telephone number. The name of the parts are outlined on the Cabinet Assembly Instructions.

Q: Do you have assembly instructions for Sterilite products?
A: Yes! Available assembly instruction for Sterilite products are listed below. 
0140 - 2 Shelf Cabinet 
0142 - 4 Shelf Cabinet
0155 - 5 Shelf Shelving Unit
0164 - 4 Shelf Shelving Unit
0183 - 3 Shelf Shelving Unit
1879 - ShowOffs™ Ornament Box
1968 - Jumbo Ornament Box
2101, 2110 or 2112 - Modular Drawers
2201, 2210 or 2221 - Closet Drawers
3530 - 3 Utility Drawers

If you discover parts are missing or damaged when you open the item carton, please contact us with the item number and part name. You may e-mail us by clicking here, call the phone number listed on the instructions located within the item carton or write us at the address below.

Sterilite Corporation
P.O. Box 8001
Townsend, MA 01469-8001

Q: How can I find out the size or capacity of my Sterilite item?
A: You can view many of our items and information about their size or capacity on our site by clicking on the top menu categories - Storage, Laundry, Wastebaskets, Food Storage, Kitchen, and Garage. If you are not sure which category contains the product you are looking for, try visiting the All Products page.

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