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Winter is in full swing and snow storms are upon us. Snow and ice can cause all sorts of chaos, but preparing ahead of time can keep you and your family safe during the winter months. Outsmart Jack Frost with these tips to get your home and car ready for a snow storm.

With a winter snow storm, slippery walkways and driveways are simply unavoidable. Therefore, it is crucial to always have rock salt or ice melt on hand. Our Ultra•Seal™ 24 Cup Dry Food Container makes the perfect salt shaker. Simply fill up the container once, store in near the entryway, and use it for the front walkway, back steps and other icy areas around the yard. Added bonus – this container also has a comfortable grip for carrying, even when wearing winter gloves!

Many people wait until a storm is in the forecast before running to the store and grabbing the necessities. While this may work sometimes, often it can leave us without the essentials. This is why it is important to stock up on rock salt in advance and have a system for storing it. Sterilite’s 24 Quart Utility Can will perfectly hold a 50-pound bag of salt. Its compact size is ideal for those small spaces in your garage, mudroom or shed and the two latches will secure the lid on tight to keep out snow and rain.

Winter weather can cause havoc on the roads, so it is essential to have a supply kit in your car. This can make all the difference if something goes wrong while traveling on a cold winter day. The Sterilite 12 Gallon Latch and Carry is the ideal solution for packing your winter car kit. Each family member should have a kit in their trunk during the winter months. Here is a quick list of suggestions on what you could include in that kit: jumper cables, flashlight, blanket, traffic cones, antifreeze and a first aid kit.

Snow storms can be a nuisance, but it is important to be prepared! And just think – spring will be here before you know it!

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