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Science Lab Transformation!
Calling all teachers! School is out, the Fourth of July has come and gone, and summer is in full swing. The back-to-school season is just around the corner and it is already time to start planning your classroom for the upcoming school year. Teachers are some of the most kind, patient and hardworking people. Whether you are a new teacher or have been doing this for years, prepping and organizing your classroom can be overwhelming. Never fear, Sterilite products are here to help keep your classroom orderly, organized and functional. Recently, Sterilite consulted with a local school – North Middlesex Regional High School in Townsend, Massachusetts – and showed the science department how our products can help transform their science lab.

An Organized Classroom is an Efficient Classroom
When we think of hardware items, we usually picture them being used in the garage, basement or shed. Have you ever considered putting these items in your classroom? During this science lab transformation, we utilized multiple hardware items to help make this teacher's room more organized and efficient! Microscopes are a very important part of the science lab. They are used in most high school science classes including biology, chemistry and anatomy, and are a vital component of teaching. However, these microscopes are heavy, fragile and very expensive. Therefore, it is imperative that they are safely stored yet easily accessible. The Sterilite 5 Shelf Unit is the perfect solution. Its durable shelves are designed for heavy-duty usage, yet it still looks good out in the open, allowing students to quickly access the microscopes and make class time more efficient.

Safety First
For any science teacher, safety is the number one priority, especially when working with chemicals. Chemicals are used frequently during science experiments in the lab and it is extremely important to have a system in place for storing them. Our 4 Shelf Cabinet is just what you need. The doors open easily, close securely and can accommodate a standard padlock. This added security will put you at ease knowing that the chemicals are locked up when not in use helping to avoid any safety hazards. In addition to storing chemicals, this 4 Shelf Cabinet is ideal for storing any lab equipment that you would like to conceal. The shelves are adjustable and can accommodate items of all sizes. This teacher had a lot of miscellaneous science equipment that she did not want out in the open such as test tubes, beakers and other fragile glassware. By storing them away in the cabinet, they are kept safe from the chaos of high school students.

Maximize Classroom Space
A science lab requires many items to keep it organized and functioning. However, most high school classrooms are not very large and the class sizes range from 25 to 30 students. This can make it difficult for a teacher to organize and store items while also maintaining an orderly class. By utilizing the Sterilite 4 Drawer Unit, teachers can maximize their classroom space. This sturdy unit has large-capacity drawers that glide smoothly, even when holding heavy loads. Below are some examples of the supplies that this science teacher stored in our 4 Drawer Unit:
  • Lab Notebooks
  • Safety Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Pipets
  • Droppers
  • Petri Dishes
  • Funnels
  • Thermometers
When doing science experiments, it is helpful for the supplies and equipment to take up a small footprint in an already small science lab in order to maximize the workspace.

Always Prepared
Most science teachers arrange their classroom into stations and have the students sit in groups. In this type of classroom setting, organization is key! This high school science teacher wanted to make sure each station was fully stocked with day-to-day supplies so her students were prepared at the start of each class. Our 3 Drawer Unit made a great addition to each table. It was perfect for storing supplies such as scissors, tape, paper clips, erasers, rubber bands, pens, and pencils. When it comes to paper, the Large Clip Boxes are ideal. Whether you are storing lined paper, construction paper, graph paper, or plain white paper, the Large Clip Boxes can accommodate the standard 8½" x 11". Having these supplies readily accessible on every table will lead to less interruptions and a more efficient class.

Teachers are incredible and we had such a great time helping out our local high school! We love to see how Sterilite helps keep you organized! Show us how you use our products in the classroom and why you love them. Don't forget to use #sterilitenation when you post your pictures on social media!

Hardware items are not only for the basement and garage, they are perfect in the classroom too!

Using a padlock on our 4 Shelf Cabinet will ensure the chemicals in your science lab stay safely locked up when not in use.

Organizing your supplies ahead of time will make science experiments and lab reports more efficient.

Stock up each group station with day to day supplies will keep your classroom orderly and functioning.
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