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Holiday Hacks: Undeck the Halls!
Christmas is less than a week away, and before you know it, it will be time to take down all of those holiday decorations. Packing it all away is not nearly as fun as putting it up. Not many people have a tradition of taking DOWN the tree together while drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music. However, we have a list of Post-Holiday Hacks that are sure to bring you some cheer next year! Invest the time and money now and you will be thanking yourself next holiday season.

Tip #1: Keep it Simple and Store by Color
How many of you became frustrated this year when opening up all those old boxes in search of your holiday decorations? Are you tired of digging through your basement or attic looking for the Christmas lights, only to find the Halloween costumes and Easter baskets? Let's make next year easier! By using Sterilite's seasonally-themed and brightly-colored storage containers, you will be able to quickly locate items and easily distinguish one holiday season from the next. Our 18 Gallon Tote is perfect to help you implement this color-coded storage system. We have a color for every season. Organize now to save time and frustration next year!

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Post-Holiday Sales
The holiday season is fun and festive, but preparing for it can be time-consuming and stressful. When you add up all the costs of hosting parties, decorating the house and gifting wrapping, it can be overwhelming to your Christmas budget. Party supplies, decorations, gift tags, and wrapping paper are all items that can be purchased after December 25 at a fraction of the price! Once you have snagged all of your post-holiday steals, use our 64 Quart Latching Box to efficiently store your purchases. The clear base will allow you to see what is inside so you do not forget what you bought so far in advance. By purchasing and storing your holiday essentials early, you will save time and money next year.

Tip #3: Protect Your Holiday Wreaths
What could be worse than unpacking your holiday decorations only to find that one of your favorite wreaths has been crushed or damaged? Wreaths can be very fragile, and if not stored properly, they may not make it to another season. The Sterilite Wreath Box is a holiday necessity! It provides a safe and sturdy place to store a standard size wreath (up to 24") to ensure it stays in perfect condition year after year. The wreath box features a secure latching mechanism and a comfort-grip handle for easy transportation. Taking the time to store your festive décor with care will benefit you in the long run!

With these tips, we hope you are able to preserve not only your decorations, but your holiday memories from this season! Let Sterilite keep your holiday essentials safe until the tradition continues next year.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Color-code your storage to easily locate your holiday decorations!

Purchase your holiday essentials after December 25 to take advantage of great deals!

Store your treasured wreaths with care to keep them protected for years to come!
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