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Holiday Hacks: Preparation
The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year! However, it is also the busiest time of year. A one-month timeframe jammed with endless shopping, decorating and cooking can definitely be exhausting. In order to alleviate some of this stress, we have come up with a list of Holiday Hacks designed to save you time and money this holiday season.

Tip #1: Shop Early and Store Out Of Sight
Did you know that Americans plan to spend $59.57 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases this year alone? Black Friday is the kickoff to the holiday-shopping season. If you are willing to brave the crowds, it is a great opportunity to snag some awesome deals. If you would rather shop from the comfort of your own home and avoid the chaos, Cyber Monday sales are just as good. Shopping early is a great way to eliminate stress. Once you have picked out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, try storing them in Sterilite's 18 Gallon Tote to keep them hidden from prying eyes. The opaque walls will keep your gifts concealed and you will not have to worry about any surprises being ruined for Christmas morning. If you are short on space and are concerned about storing all of these gifts, our totes stack securely on top of each other, minimizing the use of valuable floor space.

Tip #2: Wrapping Toolkit
Wrapping presents is one of the most time-tested holiday traditions, but it certainly can be a hassle. All of your wrapping materials lay dormant for the majority of the year only to be broken out during the holiday season. To minimize stress, it is essential to keep all of your wrapping supplies neatly stored and easy to access. The Stack & Carry 2 Layer Ornament Box is the perfect solution. It can be used as a wrapping toolkit to store all of your supplies including scissors, tape, tissue paper, bows, and holiday tags. It features adjustable dividers that create up to 24 individual compartments, which are ideal for safely storing your bows. With your wrapping supplies organized in one place, wrapping all of your presents will be a breeze this year.

Tip #3: Easy-to-Make Ribbon Dispenser
To make your wrapping station complete, you need a simplified solution to store your ribbon. This brings us to our next Holiday Hack: The Ribbon Dispenser. This DIY project is quick, easy and affordable. All you need is a Sterilite Ultra™ Basket (which comes in four convenient sizes), wooden dowels and your favorite rolls of ribbon. Depending on how much ribbon you have, choose the basket size that is right for you. Cut the dowels to fit the length of the basket, leaving an inch of overhang on each side. Next, place the ribbon spools onto the dowels and secure the dowels into the holes of the Ultra™ Basket. Be sure to leave enough space in between each dowel so the ribbon spools can glide easily when in use. By feeding the ends of the ribbon through the holes of the basket, you will always be prepared to add the finishing touches to your gifts. Less mess means less stress, and that is a necessity during the craziness of the holiday season.

Tip #4: Really-Simple Light Reel
If you are looking to brighten up your holiday, there is nothing more irritating than a tangled mess of lights. Trying to decorate your home becomes a disaster when your lights are twisted in knots. Our Light Box is the ideal solution to this nightmare! Stop struggling and save some serious frustration this holiday season. The Light Box features four removable hanging reels that accommodate 400 lights each. Unpacking lights from last year and hanging them around the home becomes much easier with these light reels. No more stepping on lights while decorating the tree or breaking the bulbs when trying to untangle the mess. The heavy-duty latch keeps your lights safely stored and the clear base allows you to easily identify which lights are where without digging through a huge box. This is even great for storing garland!

These holiday hacks are designed to save you time, money and frustration so you can focus on what really matters during this time of the year. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Be sure to keep an eye out for part two of this Holiday Hacks series coming in December!

Keep gifts hidden from prying eyes by storing them in our 18 Gallon Totes.

Create a wrapping toolkit so all of your supplies are organized and easy to access.

This DIY ribbon dispenser is a must-have during the holiday season.

No more tangled mess of lights! Our Light Box will save you time and frustration.
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