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Friends, Family, Fourth
With the Fourth of July fast approaching it can be a time of reflection to appreciate all that we have. It is an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family while honoring our veterans and celebrating the nation's 242 years of independence. Many people take this time to enjoy the beautiful weather and host a great barbecue. Offering a complete barbecue experience for guests can really enhance the time spent together. Sterilite has you covered with tips and tricks to get the most out of your Fourth of July celebrations this year.

Your Grilling Favorites
Kabobs are an all-time summer favorite, not only for the various combinations you can make, but also for the ease! To make kabobs, simply cut your food of choice into bite size pieces and load it onto the skewers. To give steak, veggies and all your other barbecue favorites even more flavor, marinate in the refrigerator overnight and then add to the skewers before you grill. Whether you are doing veggie kabobs with peppers, onions and pineapple or meat kabobs with steak and chicken, these are sure to be a crowd favorite! If you are planning on dinner for two or a barbecue for the neighborhood, Sterilite's 16 Cup Ultra•Seal™  food storage containers are the perfect size. Large specialty food storage containers are great for items like veggie kabobs or bone-in pork ribs as they tend to take up more space. The extra-spacious container allows the marinade to not only coat, but cover and tenderize your grillables.

Every Party Needs a Drink Station
Hot summer days call for crisp summer beverages! Try making a fresh lemonade in Sterilite's 2 Quart Round Pitcher. The large 1 Gallon Round Pitcher is ideal for preparing a delicious fruit punch or iced tea. For added convenience, mix the ingredients right in the pitcher using the graduated measuring marks. Opting to serve your guests beverages using a Sterilite pitcher and 20 Ounce Tumblers eliminates waste generated by excessive cans and bottles.

Prep and Serve Like a Pro
No barbecue is complete without corn on the cob, pasta salad and all the other summertime favorites. Sterilite's Ultra•Seal™ Bowls (available in three different sizes) are great for prepping ahead and keeping foods fresh. These bowls are ideal for transporting to and from a party too. Simply pop off the cover when it is time to serve. Be sure to keep the latching lid handy to protect your food from unwanted pests while you enjoy your meal! Do not forget about party favorites such as chips, pretzels and popcorn that you can serve in our 6 Quart Bowls.

You Can Never Cook Too Much!
Barbecues always leave an abundance of leftovers and the phrase "take a plate" comes to mind. Send your guests home with an Ultra•Seal™ Rectangular or Square Food Storage Container filled to the brim with goodies for later. In doing so, they leave with leftovers that will stay fresh longer so they can enjoy them for days after. Of course, these containers will work great in your own fridge as well! All Sterilite food storage items are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, as well as BPA and phthalate-free.

Have a safe, fun and delicious Independence Day!

Keep your kabobs fresh in Sterilite's 16 Cup Ultra•Seal™ food storage container until you are ready to fire up the grill.

Hot summer days can quickly make you dehydrated, so keep a drink station handy for all your guests.

Sterilite's Ultra•Seal™ Bowls will keep your side dishes fresh and protected until it is time to eat.

The Ultra•Seal™ food storage containers offer convenience and variety with many sizes to store any amount of leftovers you may have.
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