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The kitchen is more than just a place where meals are prepared. It is a room where the family comes together to eat, drink and socialize. With all this activity, it is easy to lose control and let the clutter take over but with these simple tips, your kitchen will be organized in no time!

Are you a coffee lover? If so, you know how important that first sip of coffee is when you wake up in the morning. You do not want to waste time digging through the mound of K-Cups® to find the flavor you want. By using the Small 3 Drawer Unit, you can neatly store and organize up to 45 K-CupsĀ®, putting 15 in each drawer. Not only does this maximize space on your counter, but it will speed up your morning coffee routine as well.

With Stacking Baskets, pantry organization has never been easier! The accent rails flip down to allow same size baskets to stack on top of each other to maximize vertical space. Choose a basket size, load it up, and stack it up. Spices fit perfectly in the Small Stacking Baskets, the Medium Stacking Baskets are great for storing canned goods, and the Large Stacking Baskets are ideal for keeping baking supplies readily accessible.

When it comes to smaller food items in the kitchen, it is important to have an organization system in place. Our Storage Tray is the perfect size for storing packets like instant oatmeal and the Mini Storage Tray is ideal for keeping spice packets and seasoning mixes organized. This will help keep cabinets, pantry and countertops less cluttered.

Getting the kitchen organized may seem like an overwhelming task, but these easy tips will go a long way.

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