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Bathroom Storage Wars
The bathroom is that one room in the home that hardly ever has enough storage space. No matter how big your bathroom is, you will always find a need for additional storage. The best way to conquer the bathroom storage war is to organize in a way that agrees with the whole family. By creating "active" storage in your bathroom, you'll minimize time spent rummaging. Follow the few steps below to ensure you win the bathroom-clutter battle!

Assess the situation
It is really easy to accumulate a large collection of worn-out and mismatched linens that crowd shelves in towering masses, so crammed together that retrieving one becomes a game of tug of war. Not to worry, you do not have to resign yourself to balancing a swaying pile of towels and bedding; whipping the linen closet into shape does not have to be time consuming.

Sort all of your towels and bedding to determine which you would like to keep and which you would like to donate. Limit yourself to a certain number of sheet and towel sets before you begin the process, keeping in mind the amount of storage space you have to fill. If you find yourself itching to keep a few emergency towels, remove them from the organization process and store them in an air and moisture tight Sterilite Gasket Box and put them in the attic.

Plan and execute
Sort towels and sheets by each person in the household. This gives each family member a dedicated area in the closet to keep tidy. Less used items can be placed on the very top and bottom shelves of the closet giving easy and quick access to items used frequently. Once you have your towels and sheets sorted the way you like, place each set into a Sterilite Tall Weave Basket. They are made of easy-to-clean durable plastic, but give a decorative wicker look to your closet. Sheet sets and towels fit perfectly inside. It is easiest to slide the entire basket out to quickly access items while still maintaining your new fresh look.

Continue your attack
Once you've won the battle with the linen closet it is time to move on to underneath the bathroom sink. It is the dreaded black hole where everyone naturally shoves everything they can into the small bit of space that is still left under there. Finding that one item under the sink a week later becomes an impossible task. With a few of the same simple steps you can have under the bathroom sink in presentable shape.

Again, start by separating the items you wish to keep and discard. Categorize the items you are keeping into neat piles and create labels for each category such as first aid, hair products or nail polish. The Sterilite Small Stacking Basket features handles that flip-down allowing same size baskets to stack on top of each other. This provides additional storage space in tight areas. Average size labels will fit perfectly on the front of the basket. The baskets can be removed completely from under the sink allowing for easy access and stacked back on top of each other.

Maintain your position
Now that the two big storage areas in your bathroom have been defeated, you will want an army of cleaning supplies to keep the entire bathroom sanitary. The Sterilite Bath Caddy is ideal for storing all of your bathroom cleaning supplies. The caddy is divided into five separate compartments that provide ample space for holding items of all shapes and sizes and the comfort grip makes transporting to different areas of the bathroom extremely easy.

This is the perfect time of year to carry through with all of the organization projects you promised yourself you would complete before the spring. Organizing the bathroom does not have to be a painful experience. Get the whole family involved and have fun while consolidating. The more effort they put into helping with organization projects, the more likely they will be to help you keep it that way.

The Sterilite Tall Weave Baskets are the ideal decorative solution to organize your linen closet.

Sterilite Small Stacking Baskets are the best space-saving solution for storing small items under the sink.

The Sterilite Bath Caddy is a great way to keep your bathroom cleaners portable and organized.
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