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Win the Bathroom Storage Battle!
The bathroom is that one room in the home that hardly ever has enough storage space. No matter how big your bathroom is, you will always find a need for additional storage. The best way to conquer this storage war is to choose an organizing style that works best for you and your space. If you want a system that will last, it is important to organize in a way that agrees with the whole family. Follow these simple tips below to a neat and organized bathroom. Make the most of your time getting ready in the morning and minimize the time spent rummaging through the bathroom!

Controlling the Cosmetics
Becoming a collector of cosmetics is something that we all do. So step one in organizing your bathroom is to purge! Anything that is empty, toss it. Almost empty, toss it. If you have not used it in a year, then you probably will not ever use it again, so toss it. For the record, makeup and hair products do not last forever. In fact, most cosmetic packaging includes a symbol that indicates the product’s period of use once opened. So say "see you later" to that three-year-old mascara or the hair spray that you bought years ago and never use. This will help to clear space for things that you use on a daily basis. Once you have narrowed down which products you are keeping, it is time to get organized. Our Mini Crate is ideal for holding all of your hair essentials. It is a great way to keep all of your hair products contained in once space rather than having everything sprawled out on the counter. As for your makeup, try using our Small Weave 3 Drawer Unit. This decorative weave pattern will add some style to your bathroom, while controlling the clutter and keeping contents concealed.

A Personalized Storage Solution
No matter how organized you are, sharing the bathroom with other family members can be a challenge. To reduce the tension and the mess, consider creating a customized storage solution. Our 6 Quart Stacking Drawers are just what you need! Multiple drawers can stack on top of each other so you can personalize them and give every family member a drawer. You can even label them with everyone's name. This way, the items that are used most frequently are neatly stored but easily accessible every morning. Bathroom drawers can get out of hand quickly so it is important to maintain them. Make it a routine for your kids to clean out their drawer once a month and ensure that they have everything they need.

Under the Bathroom Sink
Now it is time to tackle under the bathroom sink. This is the dreaded black hole where everyone naturally shoves everything that does not have a home. Finding that one item you are looking for under the sink becomes an impossible task. Sterilite's line of Clip Boxes is the perfect solution to keep this space under control. The Deep Clip Box is great for large items such as extra shampoos and conditioners. Whereas the Medium Clip Box can serve as a first aid kit and hold all of your medicine and bandages. The last step is the towels. It is really easy to accumulate a large collection of worn-out and mismatched towels. They take over the bathroom and retrieving one becomes a game of tug of war. Limit yourself to a certain number of towels, keeping in mind the amount of storage space you have to fill. The towels that are being used can stay hung up in the bathroom, but all of the extras can be stored under the sink in the Tall Weave Basket. It is easy to slide the entire basket out to quickly access the towels while still maintaining the fresh new look under the bathroom sink.

Organizing the bathroom does not have to be a painful experience. Get the whole family involved! The more effort they put in to the organizing process, the more likely they are to keep it that way.

Keeping makeup and hair products organized but easily accessible will save time in your morning routine.

Personalized storage drawers are a great way to get the whole family organized.

Transform your bathroom cabinet from chaos to control with some help from Sterilite.
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