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Start the Year Right with a Freshly Organized Office
The holiday frenzy has died down, the relatives have gone home and the decorations are safely stored away for next year. Now that winter snow and cold have crept in, it is the perfect time to hunker down in your home and focus on your new year's resolutions.

Decluttering the house is a common resolution, and it can be a step in accomplishing other resolutions such as better time management or less stress since you won't waste time searching through the clutter any more. The thought of organizing your whole house can be a bit daunting though so it helps to break it down and attack one room at a time. The home office is a great place to begin.

Purge the Piles
The first step to an organized office is to go through what you have and get rid of the excess. Sort through any piles of paper on your desktop or that drawer where you throw miscellaneous belongings that have nowhere else to go. Dispose of anything that you know you definitely do not need anymore.

Another helpful strategy for decluttering is to take everything from your desk and put it in a box. When you find you need something, take it out of the box. After a few days you will know what you use most often, which should be on your desktop at your fingertips. Continue to do this for a couple more weeks to determine what other items you use less often but still need. After a couple weeks, go through the remaining items in the box carefully as these are items you probably no longer need that can be thrown out or donated. This strategy can also be adapted for other areas of the house such as your closet or the kitchen counter top.

Organize the Keepers
Now that you have removed the excess, it is time to organize the items that made the cut. Make sure that all of the things you use regularly have a designated home so that it will be easier to stay organized. Having a home for items will make them easier to find and stop you from recreating the piles of clutter.

The Medium 3 Drawer Desktop Unit is ideal for organizing the items that you use most often. It includes divided compartments on top to keep small office supplies, like paper clips or sticky notes, organized and at your fingertips. The drawers are large enough to hold 8½" by 11" papers so you can keep them in reach without creating unsightly piles on your desktop. If you need additional storage for small items, the Mini Storage Tray fits neatly inside the drawers.

The 2 Drawer File Cart is a great solution for items that you use often enough to keep but not often enough to store on top of the desk. Placing the drawer cart near your desk will allow you to keep these items within reach while keeping your workspace clear. It has two spacious drawers for larger items, or you can use Sterilite Clip Boxes in the drawer to keep smaller items from getting lost. In addition, both drawers accommodate hanging files in case you need extra storage for papers.

Prevent the Return of the Pile Up
After investing the time to organize your office, you will want to maintain the order. To do this make sure that things are returning to their assigned drawers or compartments. At the end of your work session, take five minutes to return anything sitting on the desk to its rightful home.

Another simple step is to keep two wastebaskets near your desk, one for papers that need to be shredded and one for trash. When you're on a roll you may not want to break the flow to throw things out, which can result in litter scattered around your work space. Having a wastebasket nearby will allow you to throw things out right away without interrupting your workflow.

Clearing out the clutter and establishing good organization systems will set you and your family up for 2017 to be your best year yet.

Creating a system where every item has a designated spot will make it easier to keep your office tidy.

Keep your most used supplies in a desktop drawer so that they are organized and easily reached.

Sterilite Clip Boxes fit neatly into the drawer of the File Cart to keep your supplies organized and easy to find.

Using the same wastebasket in two different colors will allow you to quickly tell which one is for papers to be shredded and which one is for trash.
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