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Spring Clean your Closets!
Spring is the perfect time to tackle that closet organization project you keep putting off! We all have a closet or two that is in major need of some TLC right? Well, now is the time to declutter and get organized!

Use the change in seasons as a time to sort through your wardrobe and accessories and decide what should stay and what should go. Closets are typically small spaces in our homes so maximizing space is key. If you don't love something, there's really no reason to give up space to it in your closet. If you haven't worn something in a year, maybe because it no longer fits or you no longer love it, consider donating it. Someone else will appreciate it, and you will be able to gain some free space!

To streamline your closet, look for storage items that will keep your things contained! ClearView Latch™ Boxes are a great solution and are available in seven sizes to create an efficient storage system. Many bedroom closets tend to be in a state of disarray without a specific place for everything to go.

With a little time and effort, your closet can be transformed into a neat and organized area! Not only are items neatly contained, it also makes it easier to locate your things! The ClearView Latch™ Box line allows you to easily store and stack to create an efficient storage system! The clear base and lid allow you to simply view all your items without having to open all the containers. The durable latches not only keep the lid securely shut, but provides a comfortable grip for carrying. With any change of season, you can make more room by swapping out the past season's clothes for the new season, and keeping those items protected in a lidded plastic storage container.

Bathrooms and bathroom closets face their own storage challenges. With a variety of different sized and shaped bottles and packages, styling tools, and towels/linens, it can be difficult to keep everything neat and organized.

Does this sound familiar? Hair styling tools with tangled cords, and lots of bottles and packages to look through to find what you need?

ID Boxes provide a unique storage solution that will allow you to not only contain and conceal items, but also a way to neatly label the boxes so you know where everything is without opening every box! Five convenient sizes provide an ideal ID Box for all your household items! Write on the ID Labels with a dry erase marker and erase and relabel as needed. Now your bathroom storage area is simplified, mess free and stress free!

The trick to any efficient storage system is maintenance. Now that you have spent time sorting through and organizing, don't let clutter take over again. Make a place for everything to go, and update as necessary to keep your storage area streamlined and organized. And as an added bonus, think about all the time you will save searching because everything will be easy to find!

Lack of space and a specific place to store items can result in a messy closet quick!

Create your custom storage solution by storing items away in easy-to-see-through ClearView Latch™ Boxes.

Bathrooms can become disorganized easily because of the variety and quantity of products and appliances.

Give items their own space and label it so you know where everything is. The result is a bathroom that is neat and clutter free!
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