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1216 - 2 Bushel Ultra™ Laundry Basket 1216 - 2 Bushel Ultra™ Laundry Basket

Colors Available
White Aqua Chrome

Ultra™ Laundry Baskets
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1216 - 2 Bushel Ultra™ Laundry Basket

Laundry day just got easier with the Sterilite 2 Bushel Ultra™ Laundry Basket. This basket is designed with a wide, rectangular opening that allows for quick and comfortable loading and unloading of sorted or folded laundry. It offers a modern, contemporary look and feel with a polished finish that is easy to clean. The reinforced rim and durable design ensures fully loaded baskets will not bend or break, while the stylish square hole pattern enhances airflow. Four handles integrated into the rim allow for comfortable carrying from all sides, making it easy to transport large loads to and from the laundry room. Its generous 2 bushel capacity is perfect for large families and is ideal for collecting dirty laundry and sorting a full household of clothing, towels or sheets. 

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