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1484 - 10 Gallon Modular Stacker Tote Zoom

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Black Yellow Lily

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1484 - 10 Gallon Modular Stacker Tote

In need of a durable storage system for closets, basements, garages, or attics? The Modular Stacker line features rugged construction for added peace of mind that contents will stay safely stored inside. The 10 Gallon Stacker Tote is the perfect size for linens, towels, small household tools and supplies, and the opaque base allows contents to be out of sight. Neatly slide under a bed to take advantage of unused storage space. The robust latches offer extra security that the lid will stay attached to the base, and the textured surface makes for a sure grip when carrying. The deep recessed lids provide stability when stacking for efficient use of storage space. Mix and Match the complementary Clear and Opaque storage containers, store both items that need to be viewed quickly as well as those items that can be hidden away, in the same storage system. The 10 Gal Stacker Tote shares the same lid as the 19 and 27 Gal Stacker Totes allowing secure stacking of both the shallow and deep storage boxes in one footprint. The clear and opaque versions can be stacked interchangeably because of the common lid on the 40, 76, and 108 Qt Stacker Clears. The overall assembled dimensions for this item are 25 3/4" x 18 3/8" x 7 1/8".

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