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1975 - 40 Inch Wrap Box Zoom

Colors Available
Rocket Red

Seasonal Storage
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1975 - 40 Inch Wrap Box

Wrap up the holidays with the 40" Vertical Wrap Box! An ideal solution for keeping all of your wrapping paper organized, easily accessible, and ready for the next special occasion. This Vertical Wrap Box has a lift-top lid, which allows you to place and remove individual rolls of gift wrap without removing the cover. The Wrap Box holds up to thirty-two (32) 40" rolls with a clear snap on lid for both protection and quick, easy viewing and protects wrapping paper from dust or damage. The slim design offers efficient use of vertical space, making it easy to store away in closets, basements, or attics. When not in use, the wrap boxes nest together, creating more efficient storage. The overall dimensions of this item are 18 1/4" L x 13 3/4" W x 42 3/4" H.

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