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1365 - Dustpan 1365 - Dustpan

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Blue Morpho


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1365 - Dustpan

The Dustpan includes a deep basin for maximizing pick-up while sweeping and can be used in wet or dry environments. It is ideal for picking up dirt, dust and other debris. The curved U-shaped handle attaches snugly on the stick of most common household brooms and a hole in the handle allows the dustpan to hang conveniently on a hook. Teeth on either side of the dustpan assist in removing debris from your broom without using your hand. This dustpan works great for commercial or household use and everyday cleaning/ sweeping duties. Its fine edges make it easy to collect smaller particles when sweeping and is an ideal solution for collecting debris from floors and counters in areas where clean hygiene is a priority. The overall dimensions of this item are 13 5/8" L x 11 1/8" W x 3 1/8" H.

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