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Organized RV Living
Camping continues to gain popularity as families look for affordable ways to spend time together, de-stress and unplug. Fitting all the amenities of home into a weekend getaway can be tough, especially in small recreational vehicles. Organizing and utilizing every inch of space will make for a more comfortable trip. Make sure your next outdoor adventure is nothing short of fun and enjoyable with these RV storage tips!

Maximize Storage Space
Most recreational vehicles have large through storage areas that can leave vacant space out of reach. Sterilite's 67 Quart Wheeled Underbed Latch Box is the perfect storage solution for those outside compartments in your RV. The smooth gliding wheels allow you to easily slide the box from deeper storage areas and the secure latches keep everything contained and in its place. If space permits, stacking a second Wheeled Underbed Latch Box provides even more accessible storage capacity. Using Sterilite Wheeled Underbed Latch Boxes helps utilize every inch of precious storage space.

Secure and Convenient Wastebasket Options
Outside living space is typically the most used area on a campsite. An outdoor living space with the same amenities as inside your RV makes for a much more relaxing weekend. While enjoying time outside, the last thing you want to do is run back inside to place something in the trash. Sterilite's 12.6 Gallon Locking StepOn Wastebasket is the perfect outdoor wastebasket for your campsite. Its locking lid prevents critters from accessing the trash and gives you piece of mind at night. The StepOn feature allows for hands free access while cooking or cleaning up, and a hinged lid makes changing the bag quicker than ever.

Transporting Clothing
Everyone goes camping to get away from the stress and fast paced schedules of our everyday lives. Sterilite's 17 Gallon Weave Tote is an ideal solution for packing a weekend's worth of clothing for a small family. Space is a premium in most recreational vehicles; the attractive weave pattern complements any décor even if it has to be left out in the open. After you have finished unpacking, use the Weave Tote as a hamper. The snap lock lid keeps dirty clothes out of sight and the snag proof material protects delicate fabrics. Easily transport the Weave Tote from the RV to the car and finally to the laundry room at home.

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States and now more than ever, campers are looking to recreational vehicles as their weekend getaway. Creating the most efficient living space can offer a more relaxed adventure for the entire family. Regardless of the type of RV-ing or camping you enjoy, everyone can appreciate an organized weekend getaway.

Wheeled Underbed Latch Boxes are the perfect solution for deep outside storage spaces.

Locking Wastebaskets ensure critters can’t access the trash and are the perfect outdoor wastebasket.

The 17 Gallon Weave Tote is a perfect solution for transporting clothing for each camping trip.
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