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Memorial Day Preparations!
Memorial Day is almost here which means warmer weather, more outside activities and best of all, it means summer is approaching! This is a holiday in which many people get together with family and friends for cookouts, sporting events and picnics.

Don't forget what Memorial Day is really all about – remembering all the men and women who have passed while serving in the U.S. military. Many people incorporate red, white and blue decorations into their cookouts as a reminder of the reason for the day.

Mix it Up
Make this year a little different from previous years by making a new recipe. Below are some ideas on how to add some patriotic flair to your festivities.
  1. Star shaped watermelon with blueberries
  2. Strawberry limeade
  3. Red, white and blue M&M cookies
  4. Strawberry and blueberry parfaits
  5. Red, white and blue popcorn
Sterilite offers all types of food storage items – perfect for the suggestions above and for your everyday food storage needs! The Sterilite 1 Gallon Round Pitcher has graduated measure marks to help mix the strawberry limeade right in the pitcher. It also has a hinged flip-top tab that lifts easily and stays open and out of the way when pouring this refresher. To keep this beverage cool, make ice cubes with our Set of 2 Ice Cube Trays!

The Ultra•Seal™ Bowls are great for mixing and serving fruit like the star shaped watermelon mixed with blueberries or for serving the patriotic popcorn! Sterilite's Ultra•Seal™ Food Storage Containers feature a gasket and four latches in the lid that create an airtight and watertight seal. They keep food fresh and prevent liquids from leaking which make these storage containers ideal for easily transporting food to events without spills. The Ultra•Seal™ 16 Cup Rectangle is perfect for storing and serving the cookies.

Whether you are hosting or attending a cookout, food storage containers make it easy to transport, serve and store food all in one! Family gatherings can be a bit hectic at times when there is so much to do, so having the right containers that won't leak and are reliable relieves some of the stress.

With the help of Sterilite food storage, your Memorial Day preparations will be a bit easier and your gatherings will surely be a success! Don't forget to honor those who have served our country, past and present. Happy Memorial Day!

The Sterilite Ultra•Seal™ Food Storage line is great for storing and serving food during cookouts, picnics and even to bring on-the-go to sporting events this Memorial Day!

With the weather getting warmer, the Sterilite 2 Quart and 1 Gallon Round Pitchers are great to keep your guests hydrated with strawberry limeade and other refreshers!

Make sure you have enough ice on hand with the Set of 2 Ice Cube Trays.
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