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Plan Ahead and Enjoy Eating Lunch
Maintaining good overall health requires a healthy diet. A favorite healthy choice for lunch is fresh salads – an easy-to-make versatile option when it comes to preparing meals ahead of a hectic work week. The addition of steak, chicken and shrimp are three popular ingredients that can make your salads taste delicious. Storing each lunch in a Sterilite Ultra•Seal™ Food Storage Container can ensure each meal tastes fresh all week long.

Begin Sunday evening by chopping enough lettuce for five salads. Mix iceberg with romaine or a spring mix for added flavor and color. Store the lettuce in five separate 5.7 Cup Square Ultra•Seal™ Food Storage Containers. Gaskets in each lid keep the container airtight ensuring the lettuce will remain fresh throughout the week. Indexed lids let multiple containers of the same shape stack safely on top of one another avoiding spills and messes in the refrigerator.

Next, season and grill a handful of shrimp, two pieces of chicken and two pieces of steak (Visit this link for tips on grilling a perfect steak.). To make each lunch taste different add a variety of spices, seasonings, dry rubs, or marinades. Delicious recipes can be found with a quick Google search or you can even create your own.

On a hot grill, shrimp will cook faster than steak and steak will cook faster than chicken. As each food finishes, place them on a plate and allow a few minutes for everything to cool. Once cooled off, place the shrimp into a 4.0 Cup Square Ultra•Seal™ Food Storage Container and store it in the refrigerator. Cut the two pieces of chicken and two pieces of steak into bite sized portions and store them in four separate, 4.0 Cup Square Ultra•Seal™ Food Storage Containers. Storing them separately will keep the different flavors from mixing, causing an undesired taste. These containers stack securely on top of the 5.7 Cup Square Ultra•Seal™ Food Storage Containers with the lettuce, using space in the refrigerator efficiently.

When the work week begins, simply take a container full of lettuce, a container with the steak, chicken or shrimp, salad dressing and any cheeses or extras you enjoy on a salad, toss them in a lunch box and begin the week. Before packing the lunch, you may find it easier to pour the desired amount of dressing over the steak, chicken or shrimp in their containers instead of carrying the bottle with you. The gasket and secure latches will keep the dressing inside the container while you carry lunch into work. Come lunch time, if you prefer to warm up the steak, chicken or shrimp before mixing it with a salad, keep the lid on the container with the latches open to contain splatter, lift the microwave vent and place the container in the microwave for one minute. Remove the chicken, steak or shrimp and mix it with the container of lettuce.

Preparing meals ahead of time can be a fun and simple way to try new foods while keeping good health in mind this summer. Make what you know or try new recipes, but most importantly enjoy what you eat knowing you have your good health in mind.

Multiple containers stack securely and airtight gaskets keep lettuce crisp in the refrigerator all week long.

Add different spices to each piece of chicken, steak or shrimp for a variety of flavors at lunch each day.

Save time in the morning by preparing meals ahead. Before work, take a container with lettuce and one with chicken, steak or shrimp from the refrigerator and pack it away for a delicious and healthy lunch.
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