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Maximize the Space You Have
No matter what size home you have, there never seems to be enough space to organize and store the items you want to keep. Here are some helpful tips designed to maximize the space you have and keep clutter contained.

Are you utilizing space under the bed to store additional items? Kids have done this for years when you have told them to clean their rooms – maybe they were on to something. Underbed Storage Boxes are ideal for storing such bulky items as sweaters, jeans, coats, seasonal wear, or even rolls of gift wrap and allow quick and easy access to items used most frequently. Helping to keep items organized and out of sight, Underbed Storage Boxes maximize space that would normally go unused increasing your storage availability.

Go vertical with Drawer Carts and maximize space in a craft room, bedroom, bathroom, or other living area. These inexpensive rolling carts allow you to organize items quickly and are ideal for crafts, linens, towels, or supplies. Drawer Carts come in many configurations and sizes so you are sure to find an item that will help maximize your storage needs.

Keep linen closets contained by utilizing stackable clear storage items and keep folded items neatly stored and in their place. Sizes ranging from 6 quart up to 32 quart are designed to fit most standard shelving and allow items to be stacked to maximize the space available.

Incoming mail is a huge part of countertop and desk clutter, so it's best to sort it as soon as it comes in. Countertop Drawers can help you organize mail, bills, etc. and keep such items as stamps, envelopes, checkbooks, and desk supplies organized and easily accessible.

Baskets are ideal for organizing items and helping to keep items contained. In a pantry, utilize Large Baskets to organize items or store fresh vegetables. Select Deep Baskets to keep newspapers, magazines and more contained and make recycling day easier. Control clutter in the living room by using Medium Baskets for storing such items as remote controls, DVDs, gaming supplies, and more. Smaller sized baskets are ideal for sorting those items normally stored in drawers and help keep items organized and contained so that every drawer does not turn into a junk drawer!

Utilize some of these clutter-busting tips and get started today toward a more organized life!

Reclaim your wasted space with Underbed Storage Boxes.

Keep folded linens neatly stored and in their place with Clear Storage Boxes.

Enjoy the full potential of your pantry while keeping unruly items tidy with Ultra™ Baskets.
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