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Let the cookouts begin!

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and it's finally spring time! Food preparation and storage for warm weather cookouts is easy to pull together with our quick tips.

Sterilite's Divided Dish makes leftovers a breeze to separate out and send home with guests. The gasket seal keeps that delicious grill taste lasting, and assures that pasta salad won't dry out. Four secure latches keep the lid attached, and your food safe from spills!

Sterilite bowl set

Grilled food is great, but a cookout is always better with chips and pretzels! Sterilite's Covered Bowl Set is the perfect solution for keeping munchies fresh and accessible. Keep the lids nearby in case rain hits or bugs start buzzing. And when the party is over, simply cover them, stack them and put them away. No more stale half-empty bags in the cupboard!

Sterilite pitchers and tumblers

Keep drinks in a shady place, so they don’t get hot. Sterilite's coordinating round pitchers have opaque lids to help keep the sunlight out. Their sleek design is comfortable to handle, even when full. The secure lid and snap-close spout ensure less spilling and accidents around the drink table. Best of all they perfectly coordinate with Sterilite's tumblers.

Springtime cookouts have never been easier than with Sterilite by your side!

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