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Laundry Room Contained
With the kids back in school and fall activities and sports in full swing, it can be difficult to keep the laundry area neat. The key to creating an organized laundry room is to have a system in place. Having a plan and making a schedule will make it easier to keep the laundry room the way you want it – clean!

Mobile Convenience
It can be a challenge keeping laundry supplies together, especially if there is not a designated area in the laundry room. The Ultra™ Divided Caddy is a distinctive solution for those with a lack of space or for those who travel to the laundromat. The four deep compartments are perfect for detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, and static or stain remover. Having everything in one place allows you to get in and out of the laundry room quickly.

Just Toss It
Now that your supplies are organized, make it easy to dispose of items from unchecked pockets, lint and stubborn dryer sheets by adding the 3.4 Gallon Weave Wastebasket to your laundry space. This small wastebasket does not take up much floor space and is perfect for tossing loose items in the trash. The Weave wastebasket's decorative look and feel will keep your laundry room serene and stylish.

One for Everyone
Moving clothes to and from the laundry room efficiently is crucial to maintaining organization. Get the whole family involved by providing each child with their own hamper. The Ultra™ Wheeled Hamper features smooth wheels and a handle making it fun and easy for kids to bring their clothes to the laundry room. The adults' bedroom also needs a hamper, and the Weave Laundry Hamper is a great choice for that. The hamper has a decorative wicker look and feel that will complement even the most sophisticated bedrooms.

Once you have the tools and a successful laundry room system in place, all that is left to do is create a schedule and stick to it. Assigning a day for each family member to do his or her laundry is great for keeping everyone organized. Depending on the size of the family, one to two loads of laundry per day should cover all your laundry needs. If the kids have all their dirty laundry in one place, then it will be easy to take care of their clothes on Tuesdays or Fridays before the busy weekend and soccer games. Change the system to meet your family's needs, but most importantly have a system and stick with it.

All you need in one spot

No more dryer sheets on the floor

Easy transportation

A decorative hamper solution
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