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Imagine if You Will …
Arts and crafts may seem just like a fun activity, but did you know children can gain useful life skills through art? Creating helps to expand a child's imagination and enhance their self-expression and problem solving. Kids can even improve their ability to share, take turns and appreciate others' efforts. In fact, no matter what your age, you can benefit from taking a little time away to relax and create!

Today's world is full of electronics and technology and it's easy for imagination and creativity to get lost. So, how can you encourage it with your children, and even yourself? It can be as simple as replacing some TV time with quiet coloring time. Not too creative yourself? Check out the internet for some great craft tips and projects! Look up age appropriate ideas and pick up some fun supplies.

The Right Tools
Having the right tools handy can help keep the creativity flowing! Sterilite storage containers keep all your arts and crafts supplies at the ready and organized. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect solution. Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

Go Create!
Do your kids love back-to-school time? That answer is most likely no! But kids do love to stock up on school supplies – there is not much better than a brand new box of crayons, pencils, erasers, or markers to start the year off on a good note. Sterilite Pencil Boxes are available in five sizes and are a convenient way to safely carry school supplies back and forth, or to store them away in their desks or lockers.

What Can I Make?
As children get older, trendy crafts like beads, gimp, foam, and glitter may replace the crayons and markers. Check out our Clip Boxes – they are ideal for storing all of these fun supplies. They stack to give everything its own place while saving space and are available in different sizes. The tight-clasping latches ensure that the lid remains securely attached to the base to prevent messy spills.

ShowOff Your Skills
ShowOffs™ Storage Containers are a great portable solution for storing and organizing paints, pastels, craft scissors, scrapbooking supplies, and more within the home, office or classroom. Durable latches keep the lid securely attached to the base, and a comfortable handle makes it portable. The see-through base allows for easy identification of the contents inside.

Make a Masterpiece
Grown-ups as well as children can benefit from time away from the electronics, stress and the hustle and bustle of today. Pick up some arts and crafts supplies and keep them stored neatly in Sterilite containers until it's time to create! You may even find yourself more relaxed, motivated and happy, and with plenty of masterpieces to decorate your space! So keep your imagination thriving and encourage the people in your life to take some time to imagine and create!

Pencil Boxes are the ideal solution for keeping crayons, markers and pencils organized.

Need to bring your supplies to school? Pack them into a Pencil Box to carry them back and forth safely, and keep your locker and desk neat.

The clear bases of the Clip Boxes let you see what's inside while the lid stays secure to keep everything in its place.

ShowOffs™ make the ideal solution for organizing, storing and transporting all your art supplies!

Keeping your supplies organized simply and efficiently, with ShowOffs™ and Clip Boxes, gives you more time to create!
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