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Get Organized Now for Tax Season
It's tax time once again. Don't put off filling to the last minute! Spend some time getting organized now so you won't be rushing come tax day.

If you've ever been in a panic trying to track down that tax document you know you received, you're in need of a filing system! Spend a little time setting up a system that will keep you organized throughout the year to make tax time stress-free.

Your system can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. The important thing is to keep all your tax-related documents in one place. Do you open your mail in the same spot every time? Why not place a Large Clip Box or a Portable File Box in your mail zone?

The Large Clip Box will hold letter-sized documents, and the lid will ensure they all stay safely inside when you head out to visit your accountant.

If you want more organization, the Portable File Box may be just the thing. Capable of holding letter-size hanging file folders so you can create folders for different tax documents like charitable donations, W-2s and interest statements. The cover has compartments for a 12 inch ruler, sticky notes, pens, pencils, stamps, and more. Visiting a tax adviser? The handle makes transporting the file box super convenient.

Do you do your own taxes at home? Then a File Cart might be just the right solution for you. The deep drawers accommodate letter-size hanging file folders. Keep organized all year long by customizing as many categories as needed to make tax time simpler. Consider the following categories:
  • W-2s
  • 1099s, income and dividends statements
  • Vehicle information
  • Mortgage and bank interest statements
  • Real estate tax documents
  • Medical expense receipts
  • Receipts for charitable donations
  • Child care expenses
  • Student loan documents
  • IRA or 401(k) information
If you'd prefer to keep your system out of sight, a File Box does the trick. Offering the flexibility of holding either letter- or legal-sized hanging file folders, they will fit easily on standard closet shelving. File Boxes are great for storing your tax history from previous years too! They stack efficiently to save on floor space, and the lids keep everything safely in place.

File Crates are another excellent option for storing hanging file folders. Use either letter- or legal-sized folders to organize your documents. The carry-through handles make them easy to move, and they stack securely to utilize vertical storage space.

By implementing any of Sterilite's document storage products, you will save yourself time and headaches come tax time. And getting into the habit of using your new system throughout the coming year will make next year's tax prep a breeze!

The Small Clip Box is great for corralling your receipts and the Large Clip Box holds letter-size paper, which is perfect for storing all your tax statements.

The Portable File Box makes it easy to transport your tax documents to and from your accountant's office.

With two deep drawers that accommodate letter-size hanging file folders, creating different categories for tax paperwork is easy.

File Boxes fit neatly on standard wire shelving keeping your office tidy and your records easy to access.

Stack File Crates to maximize vertical storage space.
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