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With summer projects underway and Father’s Day fast approaching it’s a great time to get him the tool he needs with Sterilite’s line of Gasket totes. Innovative features and two convenient sizes of 20 and 30 gallons make this tote the perfect complement to any storage and organizational needs.

Four durable latches keep the lid secured to the base ensuring contents remain safe inside. The large sized latches add to an ergonomic grip for easy portability from the attic or garage to wherever the tote is needed.

The lid features a unique domed design adding extra space for those larger and bulkier items. It’s always a great feeling to make use of extra space so feel free to pack above the rim knowing the lid will still latch on tight!

The lid also features a recess to allow for secure stacking creating opportunities to take advantage of vertical space! Both sizes work well when stacked together, but we recommend putting the larger size on the bottom.

Take advantage of that storage space in basements, garages, or attics, Gasket Totes are the ideal durable solution for those items that need to stay protected while stored long term as the gasketed seal safeguards items from air and moisture, dust and pests.

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