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Enjoying the Outdoors Without the Worry
As we move into the late months of summer and the early months of fall, cooler air will settle over us and the oppressive heat will subside. Being outdoors will finally feel comfortable again. This is camping season. For a lot of people, camping can be an overwhelming experience. The process of packing, setting up, breaking down, and unpacking may be a lot to bear. The key to a great camping experience is to stay organized. While camping in a tent does not offer the luxury of a five-star hotel, preparing yourself thoroughly beforehand can make the experience just as enjoyable. With that in mind, here are a few ideas about what to bring and how to bring them, to make your trip as easy as possible.

Tents and Supplies
A good tent, sleeping bag and pillow are essentials for any camper. Be sure to have a tent large enough to accommodate the number of people sharing it, and sleeping bags appropriate for the weather. Sleeping bags are rated according to cold and warm temperatures. Using an appropriate sleeping bag can be the difference between a good night's sleep and a night spent awake. Choose a sleeping bag appropriate for the climate you will be in. Pack your tents, sleeping bags and pillows in 18 Gallon Ultra™ Totes. This latch tote is durable and stacks securely. Your equipment will last longer, as it will avoid the wear and tear of a camping trip. The tote can also act as a nightstand in the tent or a coffee table while sitting around the fire.

Pack a flashlight for each person, along with extra batteries. Battery powered lanterns are also recommended for screen houses and tents. Store the flashlights in a ShowOffs™ Storage Container. The container will not only keep your flashlights together, but protect the lenses and bulbs from cracking and the other dangers of packing them with miscellaneous camping equipment.

Be it the fireplace or a stove, you will need to cook at some point on your trip. Don't forget to pack proper utensils, cooking spray, plates, cups, and paper towels. Often overlooked is a dishpan and dish soap. Washing your dishes is crucial not only so they can be reused but also to keep animals away. Sterilite Dishpans come in two sizes and can double as storage to keep your cooking supplies together. Sterilite 18 Ounce Tumblers are a better option than paper cups because they create less trash and can be reused.

Soaps and deodorants are highly recommended no matter where you stay. Keep in mind mosquitos and gnats are attracted to the perfumed scents found in most deodorants, shampoos and soaps. Leave the nice smelling products at home and stick with products containing no scents. Using a 6 Quart Storage Box to store these products is an inexpensive way to keep all your hygiene supplies together while protecting them from the rigors of your stay outdoors.

Fire Starting Supplies
The heart of any memorable camping experience is a good fire. To start a fire, three ingredients are needed; fuel, heat and oxygen. You need seasoned wood combined with twigs or dry newspaper to fuel the fire, a lighter or waterproof matches as a heat source to light it, and finally, the air to let the fire breathe and grow. When packing for a camping trip bring plenty of wood and a lot of old, dry newspapers. Campers often keep fires going all day and if ill equipped, the wood will disappear quickly. It is a recommended practice to keep a backup lighter in case you run out of fuel or damage the first one. Keeping a small hatchet close by is also a smart way to ensure the logs you bring are not too large for the fireplace on the campsite. Storing the logs in a 25 Gallon Ultra™ Tote will keep the inside of your car clean, and simplify the unloading process when you arrive.

Being in the wilderness with your family and friends can be a great bonding experience. Bringing board games and yard games will keep everybody engaged and having fun throughout the day. The versatility of the 18 Gallon Ultra™ Tote again offers the campers perfect solution for keeping these games stored safely away from the elements.

Don't be deterred at the thought of a camping trip. In this day and age, freeing yourself from the technologies of everyday life and spending quality time with family and friends is too rare an experience. Stay organized, pack intelligently and most importantly, enjoy yourself. That is what camping is all about.

Keep your tent and sleeping bags free from rips and tears while you travel. Our 18 Gallon Ultra™ Tote offers the perfect protection.

Don't let insufficient packing crack your flashlight lenses. Keep them safe in our ShowOffs™ Storage Container.

Keep animals off your campsite by washing your dishes when you're done using them. The Sterilite Dishpans offer a perfect way to do so.

Sterilite Dishpans can also double as storage for keeping pots, pans and tumblers together when they are not being used.

Don't just throw your hygiene products into a bag before you leave. Store those products in a 6 Quart Storage Box and you will always know where to find them.

Don't ruin the inside of your car or SUV with piles of wood. Keep them neatly contained in a durable 25 Gallon Ultra™ Tote.

Keeping yard and board games together can be hard to do. Using a tote means your games boxes will stay square and yard game pieces won't go missing.
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