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Don't Let Back to School Get the Best of You!
Summer is coming to an end, and kids will be heading back to school in just a few short weeks. Now is the perfect time to get organized and begin new routines with your kids for the upcoming school year! It is important to create good habits when they are young so they will stick with them throughout high school and college. One of the most important ways for parents to help their children excel is to ensure that they have a good place to do their homework. It should be a quiet, well-lit space where they can concentrate. Here are some great ways to create a study space for your kids and keep them organized all year long.

Clean up the clutter
We all know how unorganized school supplies can get, especially with young kids. Crayons are everywhere, pencils are nowhere to be found and glue sticks are without a cap and soon dry out. Well, the Small Clip Box is perfect for keeping these necessities organized and easy to find. They are a great solution for storing markers, crayons, pens, and pencils. The see through lids and bases make it easy for kids to find what they need when they need it. These Clip Boxes come in different sizes and stack easily to save space in your child's homework area. School supplies should be well stocked in their workspace so your kids always have what they need. Give them no reason to leave the desk until their homework is complete.

Portable pencil box for home and school
A pencil box is something that every child needs for their first day of school. The Small Divided Box is the ideal grab and go solution and fits great in a backpack or on a desk. Your kids can bring this portable pencil box back and forth between home and school for easy access to their school supplies. Items to stock the pencil box with include: pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, scissors, and a calculator. These will all fit neatly in the pencil box and stay organized with its divided compartments.

A filing system to keep parents and kids organized
Now that you have organized your kids' school supplies, it is time to get their papers and projects in order too! By using the 3 Drawer Unit and 32 Quart Gasket Box, you can create a filing system so you will never lose track of their work again. You should start by assigning each child their own drawer and color coordinating it to match a set of filing folders in the gasket box. When your kids come home from school each day, they can empty their folders into the drawer. Then, once a week, you can go through each child's drawer and file the papers away into the gasket box. Some suggestions on how to label the tabs in the gasket box: report cards, tests, quizzes, worksheets, homework, awards, art projects, and permission slips.

A change of scenery
Throughout the school year, there may be times when your kids want to do homework on the kitchen table or in their room or maybe even outside on a nice day. It can be a challenge to recreate this study space in different areas of your house. However, you can turn the Bath Caddy into a mobile homework caddy so your child always has what they need at their fingertips. The deep compartments will allow you to store and organize the school supplies and the handle will make it easy for your kids to transport. Ensuring that the caddy has all of the homework essentials will make homework time a little easier to start and finish no matter the location.

Once you have taken the time to create this homework space, it is important to get your kids in the habit of utilizing it. You don't want these routines to slip away after the first few weeks of school. It takes, on average, 21 days to form a habit. If you implement these tips as soon as school starts, your kids will be in a routine before you know it. With the help of Sterilite, this homework space will make the transition from summer to back to school easier for the whole family.
Clip Boxes
Clip Boxes are the ideal solution for organizing school supplies.
Small Divided Box
The Small Divided Box makes for a perfect portable pencil box.

Color coding your filing system makes it easy for everyone.
Bath Caddy
A homework Caddy allows your kids to work in any room of the house.
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