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Crafting Made Easy with Simple Organization!
Is the thought of storing all of your craft supplies neatly and in organized manner overwhelming? Crafting is known as a form of self-expression; consider your organized space a form of self-expression too. When creating your project, your supplies should be close at hand, easy to find and accessible, making your experience more enjoyable.

Sterilite can help you create an organized space, whether you're a crafter by trade, a weekend crafter or helping your kids with school projects. Follow these simple steps to help determine your storage needs and wants.
  1. Create piles of like supplies. For example, create a separate pile for paint brushes, scrapbooking paper, paints, etc.
  2. Assess your piles. Determine the usefulness of your items. Are your supplies still in good working condition? Toss whatever is in question.
  3. Determine how you want to organize your supplies. Do you want to group by themes such as scrapbooking, sewing supplies or by specific projects?
  4. Organize your tools. Grouping your tools by how frequently they will be used will determine how you will store them.
  5. Research different types of organization and pull ideas from what other people have done. is a great starting point for your organizational needs.
The items below will help keep your space neat and organized and won't leave you feeling un-crafty.

Small Storage Solutions
Clip Boxes are an ideal modular storage solution for storing different sized items. These latching containers come in five sizes and are designed to stack, creating a space-saving solution. The two larger sized clip boxes are great for storing construction paper or larger craft items.

Stack & Carry Handle Boxes are a portable storage solution allowing you to take your supplies on the road, or from room to room. The 2 Layer Handle Box can store 8.5" x 11" paper or even pipe cleaners and many other items. The small 3 Layer Handle Box & Tray is good for organizing smaller craft supplies, like beads or googly eyes.

The Divided Case is a flexible storage solution for crafting and other hobbies. The three tinted trays are removable and allow you to create a customized storage space. The longer trays will fit your paintbrushes, colored pencils and other longer, hard to store items, while the six compartment tray provides an option for sorting smaller items.

These items are also perfect solutions for on-the-go craft storage and will help keep you organized going from each event, market or fair.

Countertop Drawers & Carts
Our Countertop Drawers are available in multiple configurations to accommodate a variety of craft needs and desires. The 3 Drawer Unit holds 8.5" x 11" paper, while the smaller Countertop Drawers are ideal for organizing smaller craft items. The clear fronts and sides allow contents to be easily identified. Stacking multiple units allows you to create a multi-unit drawer system. The Wide 3 Drawer Unit accommodates 12" x 12" paper and is great for organizing scrapbooking supplies.

Drawer Carts are available in a medium and wide widths and are the perfect solution for keeping your larger supplies such as scrapbooking materials, yarn, fabric, patterns, and more neat and organized. The clear drawers provide an easy way for you to organize and contain items and the drawer stops help prevent drawers from being removed accidentally. The casters included with the Drawer Carts allow you to easily move them to your work space.

No matter how large your craft supply collection is, you always have your favorites. Use Sterilite products to make it easy to access all of your craft materials when you need them. Spend more time crafting and less time searching for that one item you know you have.

Want to see some of our items in use? Check out our blog for a fun Easter craft!

Clip Boxes are a great solution to keep all of your scrapbooking supplies neatly contained.

The Stack & Carry Handle Boxes and Divided Case are good on the go craft storage items.

The Divided Case features a tight-fitting lid, keeping small items from mingling when the case is closed or turned on its side.

Countertop drawers are perfect for storing more frequently use supplies.

Drawer carts are ideal for containing the clutter, allowing you to store bigger supplies.
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