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First Class of the New School Year: Organization
Getting your classroom organized before the school year begins will set both you and your students up for success, but how do you accomplish the task without clearing out your local office supply store? Google receives nearly two million hits a year for classroom organization, so we know you are all starving for a great idea. Not to worry, we are about to focus on all things back to school! We have honed in on a couple of clever and inexpensive ideas that will make this school year the best yet.

Lesson planning can be the most time consuming task as a teacher. Being able to stay ahead is the key to a less stressful school year. The Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer Unit provides ample space for each day of the week and a little extra. The Wide 3 Drawer Unit is stackable to provide a multi-unit system. Each drawer is see through and is capable of holding up to a 12" x 12" piece of paper. The great design allows for easy labeling. With two stacked drawer units, you have enough space for each day of the week with one drawer left over to organize substitute activities. The Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer Unit is the perfect solution to staying a week ahead in your lesson plans. The drawers are deep enough to even make multiple copies of worksheets ahead of time. Don't let scrambling the night before be an option.

No matter what subject you teach, classroom activities will be planned in order to provide the best hands-on experience for your students. With limited class time, it's a best practice to provide the supplies each student needs prior to class time. The Sterilite Bath Caddy is the perfect solution. The caddy is divided into five separate compartments that provide plenty of space for holding lab and activity supplies of all shapes and sizes. The two larger compartments allow for more bulky items while the three smaller compartments allow smaller items to stay neatly organized. The comfort grip at the top makes for easy transportation for both you and your students. Prepare a Sterilite Bath Caddy the night before your lesson plan, to save time and keep your students from hustling around the classroom looking for the correct supplies.

No matter how hard we try to keep work at work, it never fails, we always have to take it home once in a while. Finding the perfect way to transport papers back and forth can be a struggle. The best solution is the Sterilite Portable File Box. Organize each of your classes into their own letter-sized hanging file folder. You can even separate graded paperwork and non-graded paperwork, by labeling binder clips. The file folders fit great in the Sterilite Portable File Box. The durable latch gives you the reassurance that everything will stay where it needs to be. A sturdy handle makes transporting the Portable File Box easy and comfortable. The best part is hidden in the lid, a compartment that can keep small items organized such as paperclips and your red grading pen.

Do you collect lab notebooks or journals? The Sterilite Ice Cube Bin can be a great way to easily collect and store student notebooks for grading later. Keeping notebooks in the classroom allows students to transport less from home to class. Each Ice Cube Bin can fit up to seven composition books making them the perfect solution for group work. The Sterilite Ice Cube Bin fits conveniently in any cabinet or on a shelf.

Classroom organization can be a daunting task. Get a head start before the school year begins, and feel confident this will be the best school year yet! Be sure to use #sterilite on your favorite social media channel to share your best organizational tips using Sterilite products.

The Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer Unit keeps all your paperwork organized by day, keeping you and your students on track all week long.

Prepare several Sterilte Bath Caddies to help students get right to work.

The Sterilite Portable File Box keeps you organized in the classroom and at home.

Storing journals and notebooks in a Sterilite Ice Cube Bin is a fantastic, unique use to keep your classroom organized.
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