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Beach More, Worry Less!
Beach trips with the family make for some of the best summertime memories! Whether you are making sand castles, collecting seashells or boogie boarding in the water, it is always a fun day. However, before you can soak up some sun and relax in the sand, you need to pack for the beach. Preparing for a beach trip can be overwhelming, especially when you are packing for the whole family. No need to worry! Here are some tips to ensure you have a great day at the beach.

Contain the Towels
Beach towels are impossible to keep track of. The kids are always leaving them all over the house – in their rooms, on the laundry room floor or in the backyard by the pool. It is best to keep your beach towels organized in one space so when you need them, you know exactly where to find them. Sterilite's 106 Quart Latching Box is ideal for storing these beach towels. The clear base makes it easy to identify its contents and with the innovative hinged lid, grabbing your towels on the go will be a breeze. This Latching Box can be kept in the bathroom closet or laundry room during the summer, and then stored in the basement or attic during the off-season. When packing for the beach, be sure to grab enough towels for the whole family as well as a large beach blanket for the kids to lay on. Then once you are home and the towels are washed, be sure to put them right back into this Latching Box for your next beach trip.

Toy Crates
Packing up all the toys and games to bring to the beach is always a hassle. From pails to shovels to beach balls, it is never easy gathering these items together. Instead of packing every toy in the house, give each of your kids a File Crate. Allow them to bring whatever toys they want to the beach, as long as it can fit inside their crate and they are able to carry it. This is a great way to give the kids some responsibility so you do not end up packing everything on your own. The crate has integrated handles that allow for easy transporting and they can stack on top of one another for efficient storing. The best part is that the sand and water that the toys have collected throughout the day will fall through the holes of the crate and not end up in your car.

Summer Reading
There is nothing better than getting lost in a good book on the beach. There is something about the sound of the waves and a warm breeze that makes it ideal to relax with your favorite novel. However, trying to keep the surf and sand out of your book is always a challenge. No matter how well you pack, the pages always get wet, and you end up with sand in every chapter. To keep your books, magazines and newspapers safe at the beach, try using our Large Clip Box. This is a great solution for transporting your reading materials. The tight clasping latches will be sure to keep the sand out. This is also perfect for the kids, who have probably been putting off their summer reading for school. Pack up their books in a Large Clip Box as well.

Protect Your Valuables
One of the most important tips for spending a day on the beach is to make sure your valuables are protected. The last thing you need is water getting in your camera or sand on your phone. Our Ultra•Seal™ 8.3 Cup Rectangle is the perfect solution for a greater level of protection. The gasket and four latches on the lid create an airtight and watertight seal. You can keep your phone, camera, car keys, sunglasses, and anything else that you want to stay dry in this container. However, do not leave it out in the sun all day. Be sure to keep it under the umbrella or tucked away safely in a beach bag. When you go in the water or for a walk along the beach, you may want some added security. If you dig a hole for the container in the sand and cover it with your beach blanket, it helps eliminate the fear of having your belongings stolen!

Well, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, load the car and hit the road! The summer may be short, but the memories you create at the beach with your family will last forever.

Storing all of your beach towels in one place makes it easy to grab and go.

Crates are perfect for transporting toys and games to and from the beach.

Prevent sand from getting into your books by protecting them with Clip Boxes.

Splash-proof protection for your valuables thanks to the gasket seal.
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