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Baby Clothes Chaos? Get it Under Control!
Prior to having your first baby, you may not realize how much clothing you'll accumulate and the type of storage you will need. Developing a storage system now will avoid chaos later and protect your investment. So, if you are about to have a baby shower, register for a few storage containers. When reality hits and you have a pile of clothes your baby no longer fits into, you will be covered!

With so many storage containers on the market it can be overwhelming to choose one. Before you purchase your containers, consider the following questions:
  • Do you want clear or opaque?
  • What size should you purchase?
  • How much do you want to spend?
The 70 Quart Ultra™ Storage Box is an ideal solution for storing the clothes your little one has outgrown. The latches ensure the lid will remain secure when transporting to the attic or garage. The Ultra™ Storage Box also allows you to stack multiple units – perfect for keeping clothes organized by size. If the area is susceptible to moisture you should consider our 54 Quart Gasket Box. The Gasket Box has an air and moisture-resistant seal to protect and preserve your clothes.

Once you have chosen your containers, here are some storage recommendations:
  • Make sure all the clothes are clean and stain free! As hard as it might be, it's best to part with items that are permanently stained.
  • Create a label indicating the size you are storing and place on the inside or outside of your storage container. Consider using color to code the boxes by size or gender. Click here for a handy template!
  • For the first two years it is best to break the sizes out into the following groups. Because they are so little, you can usually fit clothes and pajamas in one container:
    • 0 – 3 months
    • 3 – 6 months
    • 6 – 9 months
    • 12 months
    • 18 – 24 months
  • Once your baby hits the 2-year mark, break out the sizes as follows:
    • 2T spring/summer and 2T fall/winter
    • 3T spring/summer and 3T fall/winter
    • 4T spring/summer and 4T fall/winter
    • 5 spring/summer and 5 fall/winter
    • and so on!
Having your containers clearly identified will help you store and organize the sizes however you'd like. This will also allow you to pull the sizes quickly when the time comes to either reuse for your next child or give to a family member or friend!

Protecting your treasured baby clothes will not only save you time and money, but give you a little piece of mind. Now go enjoy some time with your little ones!

Ultra™ Storage Boxes are perfect for stacking and grouping sizes together in the attic.

Labeling your storage containers allows you to easily pull the size and season you need.

If you are worried about moisture or bugs, the Gasket Box offers a gasketed seal to safeguard items from both air and moisture.
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