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A Dorm Room Even Your Mother Would Love
For many, college is the best four years of their lives. It is filled with new people, new experiences and new found independence. However, college does come with its struggles too. Maintaining good grades while learning to live independently can become overwhelming at times. To combat this, it helps to stay as organized as possible to ensure you stay on top of your all your responsibilities. With some helpful equipment and easy tips, staying organized throughout your first year of college can be a breeze.

Making the most of your space
Dorm rooms are not known for being particularly spacious. You are going to want to make sure you take advantage of every inch possible. One spot that often goes underused is under the bed. It makes for a great place to store things that you may want easy access to, but do not want in the way while walking around the room. If allowed by the school, try lofting the bed. Our 66 Quart Latch Box is a great way to store out-of-season clothes or shoes, and it easily will fit under a bed. With its latch on lid, this tote is sure to stay securely sealed keeping out dust. Other possibilities for under the bed include our 6 Quart, 16 Quart and 27 Quart Stacking Drawers. You can use any assortment of sizes to best meet your specific needs. This makes for great storage of items you may use on a more regular basis, such as sweatshirts, toiletries or video games.

Easy access storage
For items that you'll access more frequently, consider Sterilite File Crates. These are perfect for holding just about anything. From organizing folders and books for classes to holding your baseball and glove, these crates are a very simple way to help keep the room organized. With their unique design, you can stack them with the opening to the side creating a small shelving unit. Stacking a few at the end of the bed makes for a convenient shelving unit and night stand combo.

Keeping study space neat
Arguably the most important place to keep clean in any dorm room is the desk space. It is vital to keep the desk organized in order to make studying as streamlined and stress-free as possible. The key to any organized desk space is compartmentalizing. Sterilite's Small Divided Box, and Mini and Small Clip Boxes are the perfect tool for grouping your belongings logically. Keep writing utensils in one box, art supplies in another and miscellaneous goods in a third. All three containers fit nicely inside any standard desk drawer. As the semester moves along trash will accumulate around the desk quickly. It's helpful having a small wastebasket like the 2.6 Gallon Ultra™ StepOn Wastebasket right by the desk. It is the perfect size to fit by your feet, but still holds plenty of trash. Its step-on pedal keeps garbage hidden and makes throwing things away hassle-free even when standing up.

College can be chaotic at times and incredible at other times. In order to make the most of the incredible times and minimize the chaotic ones, it really helps to stay as tidy and organized as possible. Don't let schoolwork and clutter get the best of you. If you keep a designated spot for everything and maximize your room space, you are sure to have one of the coolest rooms on campus and have an awesome first year.

Make good use of as much floor space as possible by storing things under your bed.

Turn your crates on their side to use as a miniature shelving unit.

Clip Boxes are perfect for in-drawer organization.

Avoid mountains of paper by placing a wastebasket under your desk.
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