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The Great Laundry Divide
Doing laundry can be a boring and tedious task. Bringing multiple loads to the laundry room or laundromat is a pain, especially if you live in a college dorm or apartment. With traditional laundry baskets, you can make a trip for each load, or mix the loads together in one basket. However mixing the loads leaves you to sort at the laundromat, which makes it easy for socks or other articles of clothing to fall on the floor and be lost forever. The Sterilite Divided Laundry Basket offers an elegant solution to this dilemma.

The Sterilite Divided Laundry Basket features an adjustable divider panel that splits one large basket into two smaller compartments so that you can keep clothes sorted. The compartments allow you to sort laundry without mixing the different colors together. Because the divider panel can be installed in any location in the basket, you can move it to suit your needs. Simply flex the basket out and move the divider accordingly.

The adjustable divider allows the flexibility to sort in a variety of ways. In addition to sorting the whites and colors, other ways of separating clothing could be by family member, type of clothing, separating the delicates, or even putting detergent and dryer sheets off to the side. Moving the divider is so simple that it can even be adjusted in the middle of doing a load. There might be an even split between lights and darks when moving dirty clothes to the washing machine, making it best to split the basket in the middle. However, when packing up the dry clothes, maybe sorting by family member is more effective – then the divider can be moved to allow more space for a family member with more clothes. Alternatively, if the divider is not needed it nests neatly in the bottom of the basket.

This basket has a combination of features that allow it to accommodate large loads with ease. The generous 2.2-bushel capacity ensures that there is plenty of room on both sides of the divider. In addition, the wide, rectangular opening allows for easy loading and unloading of laundry. The reinforced rim helps the basket resist bending and breaking even when filled with wet clothes. Two comfortable, recessed handles are integrated in the rim to make lifting and carrying heavy loads simple.

The innovative divider, in combination with the features to accommodate large loads, ensures the Sterilite Divided Laundry Basket can adapt to any laundry day.

The Sterilite Divided Laundry Basket's innovative functionality will make laundry day much simpler.

The adjustable divider can be moved to any location in the basket.

Comfortable handles are integrated in the reinforced rim.
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