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Making the Move
Stress Free
You have decided to make the move to a new location, but now you are feeling stressed and overcome by all the packing you will need to do. Here are a few tips that will help you tackle this job piece by piece and remove some of the mishaps on moving day.

Planning Your Moving Strategy
There are a lot of emotions that seem to take over once you have decided to move to a new location. Get off on the right foot and avoid being overwhelmed by putting a solid plan into action. It's best to start as early in the packing process as you can. By breaking the job down into smaller tasks, it will allow you that good feeling of completing small goals throughout the packing process.

In general, we are pack rats at heart and we all tend to have more stuff than we actually need. Start out by first assessing your home and closets to see if there are any items that you know you won't be taking with you. Use this as an opportunity to help eliminate those items that have collected dust and lead to clutter around your existing home. Then set up a donation area within your house, such as a spare bedroom or the basement, where family members can collect items now and throughout the rest of the packing process that you can then donate to a local charity. Discard any items that are damaged, worn out and no longer usable immediately.

Determining Packing Needs
Next, determine and purchase your packing supplies. A typical three-bedroom house can run close to $350 for cardboard supplies that eventually will be tossed to the curb once you arrive at your destination. Investing in various sized plastic totes may cost a little more, but may be a wiser investment in the long run. They stack efficiently, have comfortable handles for carrying and typically will hold up better under moving conditions. Another advantage is you will be able to utilize these containers for future storage needs maximizing your investment dollars. For an average three-bedroom residential home, moving companies typically recommend the following supplies and suggest that you try to keep packages at a limit of 30 50 pounds to make carrying easy.
  • 20 medium sized containers/boxes
  • 15 large sized containers/boxes
  • 15 extra-large sized containers/boxes
  • 4 file storage boxes
  • 1 box of 12" x 175" bubble wrap or newspapers
  • 2 3 markers
  • 100 color coded labels
If you plan on using newspapers as packing material, start collecting them now so that you will have enough supply to keep fragile items safe. Also take the time to setup a container that will act as your "Pack Central" allowing you to keep packing essentials such as labels, markers, packing tape, and inventory lists neatly organized so you will always know where to find them.

Packing and Unpacking Tips
Now it's time for packing. Begin by packing the rooms that you use the least and end with the kitchen. You will be able to utilize these low-traffic rooms as a holding area until moving day arrives. Once you have packed a container, select a color coded label for that room's designation. There are many colorful design templates online that you can print directly from your computer to make life even easier. We recommend that you label both ends of the storage container with designation, general contents and a box number, so items can easily be sorted and found once you reach your destination. If you are using a moving company, you may want to keep an inventory list of each container so that you will be able to confirm that all packages arrived. Don't forget to confirm that your home-owner's or renters insurance covers your move both from and to the new location and what is included!

To make your arrival at your new location more pleasant and comfortable, we recommend that you purchase a different colored storage container for each room that will signify to "Open First" when you arrive at your destination. Each of these containers will contain key essential items for that room that may be needed right away such as plates, utensils, toilet paper, towels, linens, cleaning supplies, etc. This will help identify key items and eliminate rummaging through the sea of packed containers once you arrive. 

Once you have reached your destination, have a plan for which rooms you will unpack first. We recommend that you start with the rooms that have the biggest impact and are utilized the most by family members. Set an objective of unpacking a certain number of containers each day until everything has been put away. 

By following these tips you are sure to have a great packing experience.

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