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Laundry Sorting Ideas
Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of laundry day coming around? Do you wish you had a better way to manage your laundry, but aren't sure how? Many products exist today to help combat this problem and make doing laundry a more manageable and efficient process.

A key element in controlling the laundry process from the start is to develop a system for sorting your clothes. With clothes of different materials and colors, it is important to wash like-items together. You also want to ensure that your system is easy to follow and remains contained, not taking up too much valuable space in the laundry room, bedroom or bathroom.

Sterilite's Sorting Hamper is a great solution for sorting your clothes. Individual hampers link together, but can then be detached one-at-a-time to transport a load to the washing machine. Stickers included on the labels help you to identify each basket as a common sorting category – Darks, Whites and Colors.

For homes with less floor space, Sterilite's 1.5 Bushel Ultra™ Stacking Laundry Baskets can be combined to create a sorting system that utilizes vertical space. Handles on the basket fold in to supply a surface for stacking a second basket. The curved rim of the basket allows you to deposit clothes while multiple baskets are stacked. The baskets can then be removed from the stack when it is time to transport a load to the washing machine.

Happy Sorting!

Sorting hampers hook together to create a laundry sorting system.

Stacking Laundry Baskets are ideal for sorting laundry in small spaces.
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