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Celebrate Summer with Seven Tips for a Perfect Steak
Imagine yourself outdoors on a patio immersed in laughter and idle conversation with family and friends; the sun shines brightly overhead. Hot charcoals from the grill fill the air with a mouthwatering aroma as everybody eagerly waits to eat. Warm June air signals the arrival of summer and with it comes many reasons to celebrate. From Father's Day to the Fourth, Labor Day and beyond, a good barbecue can bring people together like no other occasion. As you gather around the grill with the chef apron tied and tongs in hand, keep these seven tips in mind for grilling a deliciously juicy steak. It will be a summer celebration your taste buds will thank you for.
  1. Let your steak become room temperature. Grilling a cold steak will create a tough texture and subpar flavor. Keep your cut of steak on the countertop, stored in an Ultra+Latch Food Storage Container and wait 15 – 20 minutes before grilling.
  2. Preheat your grill properly. Before putting anything on the grill, make sure it has warmed up to the proper temperature. Temperature and cooking time are the most important elements to achieving grilling success. Generally, the thinner the meat, the higher the heat. When cooking thin meats, leave the lid off the grill. For meats thicker than one inch, cooking off the heat at a low temperature with the lid on will ensure a succulent, juicy flavor. Quickly research beforehand to find out which temperature is best for the cut of steak you plan on grilling.
  3. Lay the foundation for a flavorful, juicy meal and begin seasoning. A perfect steak needs kosher salt, freshly ground pepper and nothing else. Keeping the steak in its Ultra+Latch Food Storage Container, sprinkle salt first and pepper second. Let it continue to sit for 10 – 15 minutes before grilling. By doing so, you give the steak time to absorb the seasoning, keeping it from rubbing off on the grill grate. In the end you have a perfect amount of flavor for a savory bite, down to the last morsel.
  4. Begin with a clean grate. Once the grill gets hot, use a wire brush to scrape the grate clean. A grate clear of charred remnants ensures the flavor and quality of the meat being cooked will not become affected. Additionally, a clean grate prevents food from sticking and breaking apart.
  5. Butter leads to better flavor. Using a 2.5 Cup Ultra+Latch Food Storage Container or a 20 Ounce Bowl, melt a piece of butter in the microwave. When the grill reaches temperature and the steaks are seasoned, brush the melted butter over the meat on both sides and begin grilling.
  6. Leave the meat alone. A good cut of steak needs to be flipped only once on each side. Moving it too often keeps either side from cooking properly and keeps the spices from giving you the delicious flavor they are intended for. When you have determined a proper grill time, divide it by four. After the first quarter of time has passed, rotate the meat 90 degrees. When half the time has passed, flip the meat. When three quarters of the time has passed turn the meat 90 degrees again and finally, remove the steak from the grill, displaying the beautiful grill lines.
  7. Do not use a fork or prongs to move meat. Sharp objects penetrating the meat will cause juices to escape, drying out what would otherwise be a delicious meal. Either a spatula or tongs are much better options for rotating and flipping you meat.
Never be afraid to grill too much food for Dad. He will inevitably become full and need a way to keep the leftovers as fresh as they were when you took them off the grill. Sterilite's Ultra•Seal™ and Ultra+Latch food storage containers are BPA free, airtight and made in the U.S.A. They are as perfect for your food as the father in your life is for you.

Enjoy a great meal and better company this summer.

For optimal texture, let your steak warm up to room temperature.

A clean grill will keep the flavor as delicious as you intended.

Less is more when it comes to flipping most meats on the grill.

A spatula or tongs are the best options for moving your meal on and off the grill.

You need not waste food when Sterilite makes storing so easy.
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