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1127 - 20 Quart Wheeled Bucket Zoom

Colors Available
Flat Gray

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1127 - 20 Quart Wheeled Bucket

Discontinued for 2020

The 20 Quart Wheeled Bucket is a sturdy and functional wheeled bucket that makes tough chores a little easier. Graduated volume marks inside the bucket simplify measuring water and cleaning solutions. Smooth rolling casters allow the bucket to roll and rotate with ease making clean-ups around the house simpler. It is designed with a large oval opening to accommodate standard size mops and features a textured finish that is easy to clean. Hand grips on the underside of the bucket and dual pour spouts make for easy pouring from either end of the bucket. A durable metal handle and plastic comfort grip ensure easy lifting. The overall dimensions of this item are 18" L x 12 3/4" W x 10 3/4" H.

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