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Protect Your Prized Possessions
We all have special keepsakes and important papers that we want to keep safe, right? Choosing a plastic storage solution to protect your items can be confusing – which product is the best option? For storage in basements, garages and attics where the environments may be damp or dusty, a solution that safeguards from air and moisture is your best bet. For items that will be stored for an extended period, it is important to select an option that helps protect from pests.

Sterilite's Gasket Boxes are designed to be the ideal storage solution for items stored in potentially challenging conditions. They feature a gasketed seal in the lid to keep out air, moisture, pests, and dust, protecting your stored contents. Robust tight-clasping latches keep the lid securely attached to the base, as well as provide comfortable handles for secure carrying. The clear bases and lids allow items to be easily identified from any angle without opening the container and introducing unwanted air. Indexed lids allow same size Gasket Boxes to stack, efficiently using storage space.

Gasket Boxes are available in six sizes – ranging from 12 quart to 80 quart – and provide a variety of storage solutions for both small and large items. The smaller sizes, 12 quart and 20 quart, are ideal for storing and preserving photographs, school projects, paperwork, and memorabilia; while the 32 quart size conveniently holds both legal- and letter-sized hanging files making it easy to not only sort and organize, but also protect important documents. The shallow profile of the 37 Quart Gasket Box makes it ideal for storing items like extra linens or seasonal clothing under the bed. For bulkier items like bedding, blankets, linens, and seasonal clothing, the 54 quart and 80 quart sizes offer ample storage capacity. You can even use Gasket Boxes for pet food and other bulk food storage; the gasketed seal will keep food fresher longer.

Sterilite's Gasket Boxes will help protect your treasured belongings for years to come, ensuring your memories are safely stored.

Sterilite Gasket Boxes are available in sizes from 12 quart to 80 quart, ensuring there is a perfect size container for your needs.

The gasket in the lid creates an airtight seal to safeguard contents from air and moisture.
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