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Pet Proof Your Home
April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. If you are looking for a lovely companion, consider adopting from an animal shelter this month. While we all love our furry housemates, sometimes playful pets can get into things they should not. They can make a mess of the home, damage belongings and possibly endanger themselves in the process. If you plan to welcome a new pet into your home or already have one, there are some simple ways to protect both your pet and your stuff.

A key area of the house that attracts mischievous pets is the wastebasket. Cats and dogs have no qualms about dumping the wastebasket on the floor in pursuit of food scraps or just out of curiosity. One way to prevent pets from dumpster diving is to keep the wastebasket out of their reach, such as in a cabinet. However, if you do not have a spare cabinet, Sterilite's Locking Wastebaskets could be the perfect solution. Turning the knob on the cover locks the wastebasket and the entire cover snaps securely onto the base to ensure that the cover stays attached even if the wastebasket is tipped over. Locking Wastebaskets are available in both 12.6 Gallon StepOn and 12.3 Gallon TouchTop™ options, perfect for kitchens or large families. There is also a smaller 7.3 Gallon TouchTop™ size, ideal for bathrooms or small families.

Pets also tend to make a mess with their food, knocking it out of the dish and spilling their water. In order to protect the floor and ease cleaning, try placing the Dishes in a spare clean Litter Pan. This will prevent the water from soaking the floor and corral the loose food so that it can be poured back into the food dish or into the wastebasket if it has spoiled. Some cats and dogs will even chew through their food bags, spilling the food, and potentially swallowing plastic or paper. Storing food in a Gasket Box will serve a dual purpose of stopping pets from breaking into the bag and the airtight seal will preserve freshness.

Finding storage and furniture options that are both stylish and durable can also be a challenge if you have a cat or dog in your home. Wicker hampers complement décor, but cats and kittens mistake them for scratching posts. However, Sterilite's Weave Hamper has the same aesthetic appeal of a wicker hamper and is made of claw-proof plastic. The weave collection also includes other storage options like Drawers and Baskets so you can have a cohesive and functional storage solution throughout the home.

Even though they can be little rascals, the cuddly cuteness and companionship of pets outweigh the occasional inconveniences. Furthermore, a tidy home and pet-friendly storage solutions can minimize the mischief-making opportunities for your pet.

With a simple twist of the knob, Sterilite's Locking Waste prevents pets from getting into the garbage.

Placing the food dish inside a spare, clean Litter Pan will protect the floor from pets who are messy eaters.

Sterilite's Weave Hamper complements any décor and the durable plastic resists claws.
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