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Keep Your Pets' Food Fresh and Healthy with Sterilite!
Calling all pet lovers! Are you tired of your pets' food taking up valuable storage space? Those cumbersome bags are difficult to move and allow pet food odor to permeate throughout your house. They don't protect the freshness of the food, don't trap the odor within the bag, and they create a big mess when pouring your pets' food into their food bowls. Sterilite has the perfect storage techniques for keeping your house neat and odorless, while keeping your pets happy and healthy!

Odor Control
The majority of pet food storage options create serious problems around the house. For instance, bags without seals allow the odor of the food to spread throughout your home and accelerate the process of food spoilage. Life is busy enough. You shouldn't be wasting time and money on storage systems that make things more difficult.
Sterilite's 20 Quart and 32 Quart Gasket Boxes are the ideal storage solution for your pets' food. These items feature tight-clasping latches and a gasketed seal to ensure that your pets' food remains fresh. An added benefit of this gasket is that it also contains the odor of the food inside preventing the overpowering smell of your animals' food in your home. Gasket Boxes have indexed lids for stacking to maximize your storage space. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and very practical for the home, they can also have a positive impact on your pet's health.

Health Benefits
Did you know that exposure to light, hot temperatures and humidity speeds up the rate at which dry pet food degrades? Dry dog and cat food should be stored in a cool, dry environment to prevent destruction of vitamins and oxidation of fats leading to stale or even rotten food. This fact demonstrates how important it is to store our pets' food and treats correctly to keep them healthy! Fresh food is vital to the absorption of important nutrients. When pets are fed food that is stored incorrectly, the taste is not the same and the nutrients have decreased greatly. We want our pets to be healthy and feeling great, and that starts with a healthy diet. So be sure to store their food correctly where air, moisture and unregulated temperatures can be kept out. Gasket Boxes are great for keeping your home odor-free, and are also perfect for keeping pet food fresh and wholesome so that your pet can live a happy, healthy life.

Proper Portioning
The key to a healthy pet begins with their diet. Unfortunately, less than 10% of dog owners actually know the correct proportion of key nutrients their dog needs, and 54% of the nation's dogs and cats are overweight. It is important to feed your pets the right portions of food to keep them healthy. You can reference the back of the food bag to get an idea of how much your dog needs to consume each day, or ask your veterinarian for a more accurate measurement. Using measuring cups to pour food into your pets' food bowls makes it easier to feed them the correct amount of nutrients. Keeping our pets healthy guarantees a longer and healthier life, which will keep them young and playful for as long as possible! Sterilite is here to help keep your companions both happy and healthy while helping you keep your home neat and pet friendly.

The 20 and 32 Quart Gasket Boxes are perfect for storing your pets' dry food keeping it wholesome for a healthier pet.

The 16.2 Cup Ultra•Seal™ food storage container is ideal for keeping your dog treats sealed tightly.

Use the Sterilite 2 Cup Measure to make sure that your pets are getting the right amount of daily nutrients.

The Sterilite Large Round Pet Dishes won't tip and make it easy for your pet to reach all of its food.
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