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Ornament Storage: Preserve for Years to Come
The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but the post-holiday clean up is far from that. Our homes look great when they are decked out for the holidays, but now it is time to take down those festive decorations. The lights need to come off the tree and all of the ornaments that have been collected over the years need to be put away. With Sterilite's four unique solutions, you can pack away all of your precious ornaments so they will be safe and easy to find next holiday season.

The Stack & Carry 2 Layer Ornament Box is perfect for keeping your favorite ornaments safe and the sturdy grip handle allows them to be easily carried. It has adjustable dividers that create 24 individual compartments, making it ideal to store ornaments of all sizes. The hinged style latches securely lock each layer into place so you can be sure your holiday treasures will not be damaged. This ornament box has exceptional stacking capabilities and the individual layers can be quickly removed for easy access to the items inside.

Sterilite's 48 Quart Hinged Lid Ornament Storage Box is a great all-purpose holiday storage solution. By using the dividers, up to 45 ornaments can be neatly organized in this box, while maximizing space. The integrated, contoured handles provide a comfortable grip for transporting and the attached hinged lid will not be misplaced when opened. Its clear base makes identifying contents quick and convenient for when it comes time to pull out the ornaments and decorate the tree again.

When it comes to storing keepsake ornaments, the Ornament Storage Case is an ideal solution. It has 20 individual compartments to cradle and house 3-inch ornaments. The see through lid makes for easy viewing and it snaps tightly to protect the ornaments and keep everything in place. Ornament cases can stack on top of each other for efficient storage among all of your other holiday decorations.

Our Adjustable Ornament Box is perfect for storing any size ornaments. The dividers are adjustable and can create up to 20 individual compartments. Just like the Ornament Storage Case, the lid is see through and snaps tightly to keep all of your ornaments safe for the next 11 months. It is light and easy to carry which makes trips up and down the stairs more manageable than lugging large heavy boxes. The Adjustable Ornament Box and the Ornament Storage Case stack great with one another so you can mix and match them to create a custom solution for your ornament collection.

With a little help from Sterilite, we hope you find the perfect solution to store all of your ornaments until next year's magic comes around. Organizing your ornaments now will make next year's holiday decorating less stressful and more enjoyable. So go out and take advantage of the post-holiday sales and stock up on holiday storage for next year.

The sturdy grip handle makes for easy transportation when packing and unpacking your precious ornaments.

This ornament storage solution is perfect for maximizing space, holding up to 45 of your favorite ornaments.

With the clear lid, you can see every ornament in the box and find exactly what you are looking for.

Storing ornaments of varying sizes is easy with the adjustable compartments in this ornament box.
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