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Mopping Made Easy
This Sunday the clocks spring ahead; the first flowers, longer days, and spring cleaning are coming. As the temperature begins to rise, melting snow and spring showers can lead to pets and kids tracking mud into the house, making mopping an integral part of maintaining a tidy home. The Sterilite 17.5 Quart Mop Bucket is designed to make every step of mopping quicker and easier.

The thoughtful design starts to simplify your mopping routine as soon as you begin filling the bucket. Graduated volume markers allow you to quickly identify how much water is in the bucket so you can add the proper amount of cleaning solution. The rim is reinforced so that the bucket will resist bending and bowing when filled with water.

As you clean, the detachable wringer allows you to easily remove excess water from a string mop. The wringer snaps securely on to the rim of the bucket. Place the mop into the wringer and push down to squeeze excess water into the bucket while keeping your hands dry. The bucket also features ridges along the bottom providing a space for dirt to settle away from the mop.

The bucket’s sturdy metal handle makes it easy to move around the house. The contoured plastic grip on the handle allows you to comfortably lift the bucket. A clip that accommodates a standard mop is built into the wringer to hold your mop upright in the bucket, freeing your other hand.

After you finish mopping, emptying the bucket is a piece of cake. The bucket features a recessed grip at both ends as well as dual spouts. Together these features give you exceptional control when pouring out water.

If you find people are always walking over your freshly mopped floors try keeping an old towel on hand so that you can dry the floors. Now that mopping is easy with the Sterilite 17.5 Quart Mop Bucket, it's time to take on the rest of the spring cleaning.

The Sterilite 17.5 Quart Mop Bucket is full of features that will simplify mopping.

Remove excess water from your string mop with the detachable wringer.

Recessed grips make it easy to accurately pour out water.
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