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Let's Talk Trash
In theory, a wastebasket has a simple job: holding the things you throw away until you bag them up and take them to the curb. However, there is so much more to a wastebasket than you may think. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for when searching for a good quality wastebasket. Is it sturdy? How easy is it to clean? How easy is it to change the bags? Do standard trash bags fit inside? Does it match the rest of your home's décor? Whether you are searching for a large wastebasket for the kitchen or a smaller wastebasket for the office, Sterilite has a solution for you! With our line of TouchTop™, your wastebasket does not have to look like garbage!

The stylish design and polished finish of the TouchTop™ wastebaskets will add a decorative element to your home. They are space efficient, practical, and include one of the most preferred wastebasket functions, the TouchTop lid. This distinguishing feature allows the lid to open with a touch, stay open for easy disposal, and shut securely to keep contents concealed. What more could you want in a wastebasket?! Additionally, the design of the rim is perfect for holding a trash bag. No more wrestling with the wastebasket when it is time to take out the trash and change the bag.

These wastebaskets come in two convenient sizes, as well as two appealing colors. The 7.5-Gallon TouchTop™ Wastebasket is designed to fit in narrow spaces around the home. With its slim shape and sleek profile, it is ideal for the office. The lid orientation features the latch on the short end of the rectangular base, which allows it to fit in the small space next to your desk. This wastebasket is easy to clean and accommodates a standard 8 Gallon trash bag.

A wastebasket occupies a decent amount of space in your kitchen. Therefore, you want a product that looks good but does not draw too much attention. The Sterilite 13 Gallon TouchTop™ Wastebasket is perfect for this situation! The spacious capacity makes it the ideal size for kitchen use and it accommodates a standard 13 Gallon trash bag. The long side of the rectangular base fits against the wall, saving space in your kitchen. The TouchTop™ Lid makes a reassuring click when closed to ensure the mess and the odor stay inside. After all, a tidy wastebasket inspires a tidy kitchen.

What are you waiting for? Do not waste your time with a sub-par wastebasket. Sterilite's TouchTop™ wastebaskets bring a modern aesthetic to a household essential with just a touch of a button!

The sleek profile and stylish design of the 7.5 Gallon TouchTop™ Wastebasket is perfect for narrow spaces in the office.

The 13 Gallon TouchTop™ Wastebasket opens with a touch and shuts securely to ensure the odor stays inside, making it ideal for the kitchen.
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