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Latching Onto a Great Storage Solution
The weather has finally warmed up and is forecasted to stay nice. This means it is time to start preparing for upcoming camping trips and other spring and summer activities that will be here in the blink of an eye. With these pastimes comes the accompanying equipment, such as tents and beach gear, which need to be stored and transported. Latching Tuff1 Totes are perfect for the family looking for a durable and portable storage solution. Both 18 Gallon and 30 Gallon sizes are available so there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

The Latching Tuff1 Totes feature integrated handles so it is easy to move them around the house or to the family barbecue or campsite. The latches and contoured end panels create comfortable and sturdy handles. In addition, the latches are heavy-duty to ensure that the lid remains securely attached.

These totes are made of polyethylene, or PE, so they are also extremely durable. The PE makes them impact resistant so they can tolerate a bit of rough handling while in transit. PE is also resistant to low temperatures, so when the winter unfortunately rolls around again, these totes can be safely stored in your garage or shed.

Sterilite's totes are designed to help you maximize space. The recessed lids allow you to stack the totes securely so you can take advantage of the vertical space in your home or garage. In addition, the channeled walls add strength to help prevent crushing when the totes are stacked.

Regardless of your family's plans for this summer, the Latching Tuff1 Tote is a versatile option for your storage needs.

The Latching Tuff1 Tote comes in two convenient sizes, 18 Gallon and 30 Gallon.

The heavy-duty latch provides a comfortable handle while keeping the lid firmly attached.
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