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Holiday Life Hacks
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! However, it is also the busiest time of year. A one-month timeframe jammed with shopping, travel and cooking can definitely be taxing. So, in order to alleviate some of that burden, we accumulated a host of Holiday Life Hacks designed to save you time.
Easy-to-Make Ribbon Dispenser
Wrapping presents is one of the most time-tested holiday traditions, but it certainly can be bothersome. All of your wrapping materials lay dormant for the majority of the year only to be broken out during the holidays. You need to make sure that everything is stored neatly for easy access. This brings in our first Holiday Life Hack: The Ribbon Dispenser. This item is convenient to use and affordable to make. All you need is a Sterilite Ultra™ Basket (which comes in four convenient sizes), dowels and your favorite rolls of ribbon. By feeding the end of the ribbon through one of the holes in the basket you ensure that these items are always ready for wrapping. Less mess means less stress, and that is a necessity during these hectic holiday months.

Ornament Organizer
A well-decorated tree is a must for the holidays. Festive lights, tinsel and a star on top are great, but the job simply isn’t complete without a host of ornaments. Keeping these ornaments safe can be a holiday headache. However, this simple design can alleviate the storage stress and ensure that your precious ornaments are safely stored. All you need is a plastic tote or storage box, plastic cups, glue, and cardboard. Layer the cardboard at the base of the plastic storage box, align the cups to hold the ornaments, glue them to the cardboard so they do not shift while in storage and then lay another piece of cardboard over the top.

Really-Simple Light Reel
Did you know that you need over 500 lights to properly illuminate a six-foot Christmas tree? That is a lot of lights! If you are looking to brighten up your holiday, there is nothing more irritating than a tangled mess of lights. The solution to this is far easier than you may think. All you need is a common clothes hanger. It makes the perfect spool to neatly wrap your lights around and also gives you the options for storage afterwards. Stop struggling with snarled lights and save some serious frustration by incorporating this easy trick into your storage system.

These holiday life hacks are designed to save time, money and frustration to allow you to focus more on what is really important during this time of the year. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Avoid the mess of holiday wrapping with this simple storage solution!

Hang your lights and tinsel garland with clothes hangers to maximize your storage space.
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