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Holiday Storage Made Easy
Protective storage containers such as totes, wrap boxes and ornament cases will save you time and preserve your seasonal favorites for many years to come. Here are four tips to prepare you for stress-free holidays.

Tip #1 – Unpack and Deck the Halls
Sterilite's line of seasonally-themed storage containers are ideal for containing and protecting your precious holiday items.

What can be worse than unpacking your decorations only to find that your favorite holiday decoration has been damaged? That may have been your child’s first Christmas ornament, and now it’s gone forever. Prevent these types of occurrences from happening by preparing for next year now while stock of storage items and selection are plenty at your local retailer.

One of the more unique storage items is Sterilite’s Wreath Box. This item comfortably stores a standard 24-inch (or smaller) wreath and keeps it in displayable condition year-round. The Wreath Box comes complete with a secure latching feature and an easy comfort-grip handle for transporting. A unique hanging feature allows the Wreath Box to hang securely on a nail, saving valuable floor space.

Taking the time to organize and store your festive decorations with care will save you time next year, giving you more time to prep for the holidays! 

Tip #2 – Keep It Simple & Store By Color
Store your holiday decorations in Sterilite's red and green storage products so that it is easier to find and display all of them next year.

By using Sterilite's seasonally-themed and brightly-colored storage totes to store your seasonal decorations, you will be able to quickly locate items and easily distinguish one holiday season from the next. Putting decorations in the same spot year after year will make them easier to locate when the time comes.

Tip #3 – Prep Your Holiday Party Supplies For This Year and Next
Holiday parties can sneak up on you, but prepping for the party ahead of time can save time and money. Supplies, invitations and favors are all items that can be purchased after December 25 at a fraction of the price. Use latching clear storage bins to efficiently store your party supplies. Their see-through bases allow you to see what is inside at a glance so you don't forget what you purchased so far in advance. By purchasing and storing your party supplies early, you will save time next year when it's time to prep for the party.

Tip #4 – Shop Early and Store Out Of Site 
Try storing away your Christmas gifts in Sterilite's totes to keep them hidden from prying eyes. 

Many people shop throughout the year to find personalized and thoughtful gifts. Once you’ve picked up that perfect gift, store it away until Christmas.

Are you short on space and concerned about storing all of your Christmas gifts? Relax, as Sterilite's storage boxes stack securely on top of each other, minimizing the use of valuable floor space.

Using these tips will protect your treasured decorations, make better use of your storage space throughout the year and allow you to have a great holiday season!

Holiday Storage Products:
Protect your treasured ornaments

Wreath Box

Color coding

Easily see contents in clear storage boxes

Hide contents in opaque totes
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