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Does Your Storage Stack Up?
The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing colors and the temperatures are dropping. You have likely spent most of the summer months tending to the spaces outdoors – the yard, the garden, the pool, and the shed. However, as the crisp fall breeze fills the air, it is time to direct your attention inside. With the kids back in school, you can tidy up, clean up, and even do some rearranging in the house to prep for the autumn months ahead!

Sterilite's Stacking Baskets are a great solution for your organization projects around the house. Items can be tucked away, but stay readily accessible, all while utilizing your homes often-ignored vertical space. These stacking baskets are available in three convenient sizes, so there is sure to be a size perfect for your project. What makes these baskets so innovative and unique is the color-accented hinged handle. It folds in to provide a surface for stacking multiple same-sized baskets. When the handle is not being utilized for stacking, it lays flush against the basket, giving it a sleek, contemporary look.

When it comes to the pantry, it is important to find an organization system that works for you and your family. With all the packaged snacks, boxes of cereal, and canned goods, this area can quickly become chaotic. However, with our Stacking Baskets, pantry organization has never been easier! Choose a basket size, load it up, and stack it up. After-school snacks work perfectly in the Small Stacking Baskets. They make it easy for little hands to get in and out, without rummaging through the pantry and leaving behind a mess. The Medium Stacking Baskets are great for storing canned goods and spices while the Large Stacking Baskets are ideal for keeping baking supplies readily accessible.

The bathroom is another area in the home that can be completely transformed with our Stacking Baskets. Under-the-sink real estate is precious and should be utilized to its fullest capacity. Separate out your medicine, first aid supplies, and hair product then stack away! The Small and Medium sized Stacking Baskets are perfect for this tight space. The Large Stacking Baskets are perfect for extra hand towels and shower supplies. The stylish hole pattern will coordinate with any décor, so you won't mind leaving these baskets out in the open as a visible storage solution.

So what are you waiting for? Break through the chaos, start conquering those piles of clutter, and get stacking!

Control the pantry chaos by taking advantage of the unused vertical space with Sterilite's stacking baskets!

Under-the-sink real estate is precious and Stacking Baskets will help you get organized while maximizing space!
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