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Closets Contained
Are you frustrated by closets that seem out of control? Feeling that there is never enough space to store the items you have neatly? Are you constantly refolding clothing that doesn’t have a home or reorganizing items that seem organized one moment then in disarray the next? Then here are some tips that will help get your closets contained.  

Stacking or Modular drawers allow you to customize a closet in less than thirty minutes and helps add additional drawer space to your closet!  The convenience of our Stacking Drawer line allows you to stack drawers easily to create a customized system and allows you to view items from any angle, making locating items easy. Modular Drawers offer furniture like appearance, clear drawers for easy viewing, and built in rollers for smooth sliding drawers. This line allows for even greater customization by allowing you to remove the covers and interlock frames together for added stability and a cleaner appearance. 

Both styles allow you to maximize the vertical space within your closet and are available in either a shallow or deep drawer offering.  Use the shallow drawer to organize shirts, socks, swimsuits, or accessories. Deep drawers are designed to hold jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, seasonal clothing and more. By maximizing vertical space and increasing your drawer capacity you are sure to get items organized once and for all.

Finding shoes can also be frustrating if you have a large shoe collection. By storing shoes in clear storage shoe boxes, or stackable small drawers and organizing them by color and style will help keep shoes paired together, and make finding the shoes you want easier, especially in a rush. 

For items you use less frequently such as gloves, scarves, fancy purses, etc. we recommend storing these items in clear shoe or sweater boxes which can contain items and be stacked on the top shelf out of the way yet easily accessible. 

By following these tips you will have maximized the space you have, increased your drawer capacity and contained those items that cause clutter in less than 30 minutes, so get started today!
Stacking and Modular Closet Drawers

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