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Clear Clutter from Your Home
One of the simple keys to a tidy home is to keep clutter off flat surfaces like countertops, tables and desks. Clutter can quickly accumulate on these surfaces and makes your home look messy. Whether it is dropping things on the counter after a long day or simply placing something on the kitchen table and forgetting about it, piles of clutter creep up. Using countertop drawers to store and organize these surfaces will keep items at your fingertips while giving your home a neater appearance.

One common cause of clutter is leaving frequently used items out; a desktop drawer is a perfect solution for this. The items remain accessible on the countertop but are organized and contained. The ergonomic drawer handles make it easy to pull out the drawers for quick access. The clear drawers and open sided frame allow you to identify contents easily and they are stackable so you can create a multi-unit system. Sterilite's countertop drawers also have a contemporary design to fit in with any décor.

Sterilite's countertop drawers come in a variety of sizes to organize all areas of the home. The Small 3 Drawer Unit and Small 5 Drawer Unit are perfect for organizing small items like cosmetics and hair accessories. The 3 Drawer Unit accommodates 8½" by 11" paper, making it ideal for organizing offices and desktops where piles of paper can create clutter. The Wide 3 Drawer Unit's large size allows it to hold 12" by 12" scrapbook paper, making it perfect for organizing craft rooms. Using these different sizes in combination with each other allows you to create a perfect storage solution for any area of your home.

Sterilite also offers countertop drawers with additional organization on the top. These are perfect for storing the items you use most frequently. The Medium 3 Drawer Desktop Unit features a divided lid and accommodates 8½" by 11" paper making it perfect for use in an office. The divided lid offers quick and easy access to regularly used items and is ideal for organizing sticky notes, paper clips, pens, and other office supplies. The 3 Drawer Desktop Unit is perfect for storing smaller items and the top features three compartments including one with a clear flip-top lid for quick and easy access to often-used items.

Together with Sterilite's countertop drawers, you can clear the clutter from your home!

Sterilite's countertop drawers come in a variety of sizes for all your organization and storage needs.

The Wide 3 Drawer Unit accommodates 12" by 12" scrapbook paper.

Sterilite also offers countertop drawers with additional organization on the top for easy access to frequently-used items.
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