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Get Ready for Back-to-School
It's back-to-school time again sharpened pencils, clean new notebooks and new organizational challenges are front and center. Getting organized early and developing a weekly schedule will set the stage for a great school year.

Setting a Schedule for Your Daily Routine
Back-to-school can be a hectic time for the whole family. After a summer full of leisure and beach trips, getting back into the swing of things can be a challenge. The first day of school is no time for drastic changes. The key here is to start early and stick to the schedule you set.

Plan Ahead for Back-to-School Shopping
Having a clear understanding of what supplies are needed prior to a back-to-school shopping trip can alleviate stress and unnecessary spending. Take an afternoon to assess each child's needs. Empty their old backpacks and evaluate what can be kept and what items should be replaced. Store the items to be salvaged, like lightly used notebooks and folders, in a Clip Box to keep them safe until September. Smaller items like highlighters, pens, pencils, and calculators are better suited to a Sterilite Pencil Box.

Now that you know what your children already have for supplies, ask the school for a classroom supply list to better understand what items are needed for the upcoming school year. Make a point to shop early for those items that your children will need. Back-to-school sales begin as early as July, and tardy shoppers will have difficulty locating needed supplies amongst the Halloween costumes and other seasonal decorations.

Get Your Documentation in Order 
Entry to the upcoming school year may require specific documentation such as immunization or medical records or in some cases, past report cards. Keeping these documents in one location like in a Portable File Box clearly marked as "School Documentation" is the best way to ensure registration day will be smooth sailing. A family of four children can require upwards of 30 documents each year, so try allowing for one folder per child to keep your File Box in order. 

Create an Organized Homework Space
A successful education starts with good study skills. Establishing an effective homework space with each child is critical to developing their concentration and independent work ethics. Homework time can be a fun and stress-free time using our Countertop Drawers, Mini Crates, Clip Boxes, and Pencil Boxes which are ideal for storing all the tools they'll need inside and on top of their desk.

Develop a Communication Station
Day-to-day school related items like lunch money, permission slips and homework are often forgotten among the morning chaos. To help to prevent your child from forgetting these everyday items, try creating a communication station in a common area of your home, such as a kitchen, mudroom or dining room. Label a basket with each child's name and be sure they get into the habit of checking their station each morning. 

Remember the above tips this year when prepping your family for back-to-school time. Proper planning as well and solid organizational systems in your home will help to create a better environment for your children and for you!
Keep your locker organized

Get organized before back to school shopping

Setting a schedule is key

Keep school docs organized

An organized desk is a smart study space

Communication station

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