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A Wheel-y Great Bucket
Mopping is an often-dreaded chore, scrubbing all of the family's dropped food, the mud tracked in by pets and family members and other contaminants off the floor is an unwelcome hassle. It is made even more annoying because you have to lug a heavy bucket of soapy water from room to room, and then walk back and forth to the bucket to dip the mop. However, clean floors are an integral part of a tidy home. The Sterilite 20 Quart Wheeled Bucket is designed with features to make mopping less of a headache.

Easy to Get from Place to Place
The smooth rolling casters allow the bucket to glide effortlessly across the room, reducing trips back and forth to dip the mop. The casters rotate 360 degrees to ensure that the bucket can move in any direction. The bucket's durable metal handle simplifies moving the bucket on uneven terrain. When going up the stairs or across the backyard, simply lift the bucket. The durable metal handle features a plastic comfort grip so that you can carry even heavy loads with ease.

Enhanced Features Simplify the Task
In addition to the mobility enhancing features, this bucket also offers features that make mopping more convenient. The sides of the bucket have graduated volume markers so that you can tell at a glance how much cleaning solution to add. The volume markers are in both imperial and metric measurements, with quarts and gallons on one side of the bucket and liters on the other side. The reinforced rim ensures that even when full, the bucket will resist bending and breaking. The large oval opening accommodates standard sponge mops so you can smoothly dip the mop while cleaning.

Easy Clean Up
When you finish cleaning, the Sterilite 20 Quart Wheeled Bucket makes disposing of the water easy too. On the underside of the bucket, there are molded handgrips so that you can securely lift the bucket. The handgrips coupled with the dual spouts give impressive control when pouring out water. The textured finish is easy to clean, so removing any residue from the bucket after pouring out the water is hassle-free.

What are you waiting for? Let the Sterilite 20 Quart Wheeled Bucket make your chores a little easier!

The Sterilite 20 Quart Wheeled Bucket features smooth rolling casters to glide across the room as you mop.

The molded handgrips on the underside of the bucket make it easy to lift and pour.
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